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Looking for good rap, metal, techno for cardio workouts

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so I've started hitting the gym lately after a long absence and enjoying listening to music on my audeo PFE 012's while I do cardio workouts.  I normally listen to mellower stuff and acoustic indie/low-fi type stuff (iron&wine, jack johnson, horse feathers, the shins, etc) but I find myself enjoying musical genres that I don't nomrally listen to while working out...rap, metal, techno, etc so I'm looking for some suggestions.  Songs/artists I've been into while working out - beastie boys, kanye west( power, monster) eminem, outkast(BOB), rob zombie(dragula remix), some of the techno stuff on the matrix soundtracks, rage against the machine...so...I'm looking for some other suggestions for good workout music...any and all help appreciated

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First thing that comes to mind when looking for work out music is something from Fear Factory, Industrial Metal band. With their heavy reliance of machinelike start-stop patterns it might give a very good pacing for working out. Like an unstable metronome!



So check out Digimortal. Even though it is IMHO their suckiest album thanks to heavy numetalvibe, it is propably exactly what you need. And it comes with an totally out of place Rap/metal combination song titled Back The F*** Up. :)


Their latest Mechanize is miles better album, but it is also much more intense.


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maza, thanks for the rec...I'll check that album out


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ok, based on another thread I listened to some crystal method - tweekend...heck yeah, that will do nicely.  Also listened to some five finger death punch...kind of entertaining.  My search for new gym stuff is turning into a full on musical journey ;)



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Marilyn Manson - none of his new crap, get the best of album (lest we forget), Drowning pool - first album, slipknot, dope, AC/DC, NIN, sick puppies, apocalyptica, the cult, filter, korn, limp bizkit, linkin park, My chemical romance, sevendust, system of a down  



BT,David Guetta, DJ Tiesto, Fatboy slim, Hybrid, Mark Ronson, Paul Okenfold, Pendulum, chemical brothers  


These are some of the artist I have on my workout playlist.  I find that when lifting weights, I tend to listen to the harder music (gets me psyched) but when doing cardio I like the techno (constant beat to pace myself).


Whether it be only 1 song or 50 songs from an artist, I only put the songs that truely inspire and pump me up on my playlist.


Hope this helps. 

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thanks for the recs...I've been listening to the prodigy and chemical brothers as well...should help me pedal faster :)


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Does magic things with your feet making you a lot faster.

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