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Desperate for a new DAP recommendation

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I promised myself I wouldn't do this  --  I am the proud owner of a new SRH840.  As a newcomer to the audiophile world, I was astonished at the jump in clarity and soundstage from my old Sony MDR-XD200.  I also realized how inadequate my old player was.  In my search for a new DAP, I have been all over the place, testing equipment wherever I could (including buying - and disgustedly returning - a Sansa Fuze).  My priorities are Lossless playback, clarity and pleasing SQ (with these phones).  In you guys' opinions, what could I pair these phones up with to really bring out their potential for Female Vocals (KJ, Renee Fleming, Anna Netrebko) and Classical, while still giving acceptable performance for other genres such as classic rock (ballads/ ACDC)?                                                                                        deadhorse.gif


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Has anyone used the SRH840 with an s:flo2?


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All opinion here...


I have never had your phones but have owned the usual suspects as far as DAPs go (Iriver, Sony, Ipod and Cowon) and I think my J3 trumps them all (The iriver h320 was very close).  I have heard the Sflo briefly and it was excellent sounding but I did not have time to compare to J3.


The J3 has great SQ, plays FLAC, Gapless playback and has a very nice EQ to tailor the sound.  For me, the EQ settings stay the constant for the different ear phones (now that my k450's are gone) but I do make adjustments when using with the car input or my NHT m-00's


I think if you run through the reviews you will find the J3 very well reviewed as is the S:flo. 


The S:flo may trump the J3 a bit in SQ (this seems to be consensus) plus has line out, but the storage in J3 (going up to 64 with 32 on board plus 32 card), battery life and a better interface makes them pretty close as players..


Hope this helps

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Thanks for the tips, RatSalad!  My Teclast T51 (the Chinese home-market S:Flo2) came today, and it sounds terrific through my SRH840.

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Hi sonos. Where did you get yours? I thought most people have to wait for the shipment from China.

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