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Originally Posted by yepimonfire View Post

I LOVE THIS ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!


thats probably my favorite black metal album right now, its more melodic than most black metal


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My recommendations.
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Here is a classic song. Not a fan of Behexen overall, but my god the riffs in this particular song are fricking awesome once it kicks in.




I posted this song in the Lets Talk Metal thread but might aswell as post it again. Horn - Landscapes On Hold II.






Another one of my fav black metal songs ever. Evilfeast - Lost Horizons Of Wisdom. Good example of how ambient blackmetal is done right. Whole damn album is a good example actually.


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the new aosoth is damn good


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Everything Emperor has ever done supersedes the entire black metal scene. Of course, Prometheus isn't really black metal. 


Dawn's Slaughtersun is pretty solid, too. 


But seriously, Emperor was the most sophisticated. They were an unbelievable band.

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