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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening. . - Page 395

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Originally Posted by Stalker81598 View Post


Interesting comparison. Do you have any visual aids?





While I do not have graphs and exact measurements for diameter/density for both to back up my claim, after a $5k lasik operation, my eyes are deadly accurate. It got to be 20/20 or better.  Just like headphones and amps, "they" do come in all shapes/sizes.  It all comes down to personal preference. I don't believe that bigger is better.  That's why I still love my little E09K ... until the big a.. Emotiva comes this Friday.

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Why do you keep scapegoating the O2? It doesn't meet the manufacturer's requirements to drive the 500 to the maximum. The He-500 at it's peaks draws about 1W , the O2 supplies around 600mw. Leave the O2 out of this.

O2 supplies less than 600mW, more like 300.


When HE-500 peaks, it will mostly not draw anywhere near 1W. That is almost 120dB, you know... At reasonable listening volume, you would not need that headroom. If you listen at an average of 80dB, you would need a recording to have peaks of almost 40dB. You could run into problems if you crank your HE-500 to very high volume or listen to very dynamic recordings, though. But there are some out there who listen at only 60-70 dB, and then the O2 would be more than enough.


Say your not in luck, and get a HE-500 that measures 86dB/mw and has an impedance of some 50 ohms (which could easily happen, anyone remember what Tyll measured his HE-500 to?), then some beefier amping would be good.

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lol you troll hahahah i laughed to hard

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Fine tuning her mix using her hands and nipples while I stood behind her supervising... (We did compare the Fostex cups earlier and she lost) 

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Stop your day-dreaming with Scarlett and Taylor in closet, on lap, from behind ... or I will have to start comparing banana plugs to "you know what"   eek.gif

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I miss hifimanrookie :/
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I guess the thread is over its usefulness and now trolls have taken over

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Originally Posted by hifimanrookie View Post
...i use to love this thread..with all our very contradive opinions..me loving the 337, fearless the lyr


By no means am I bashing the 337, like I have reiterated on multiple occasions I think it is fantastic with the HD 650, I just prefer the Lyr with the HE-500. The Lyr is ultra tube responsive and if you find the right tube it is an amazing little amp for the money. Judge not what you hear at a meet with unknown tubes.


That is what I consider the fantastic thing about this hobby we all share, we all hear different.


And the worst part is,  I actually have been on a solid state kick as of late and have found that I may prefer  the  Audio GD SA-31 with the HE-500 .biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by M-13 View Post


It's sad to see that when people run out of actual arguments they resort to name calling. I asked Eke if he owns the HE-500 and what amps he's tried them with and in response he called me an idiotic troll. My question was fair and his answer was nonsense and the very definition of trolling.



And I responded by saying that I had more than enough time with them. If I had actually bought them for the week and a half that I had it, then sold it...would my impressions be more valid?



I call you idiotic because you hook up a HEADPHONE to SPEAKER taps, then say it has "increased dynamic range", which is audiophile for "it gets louder". What do you expect?! Then, you say that the bass response is definitely increased due to the extra power, when in fact it could be due to the sound signature of the amp.


It's not the fact that you like the Emotiva. I hate your conceited, condescending attitude, and the fact that you poke fun at others who disagree with you. I don't think you've learned the art of arguing your point without starting a fuss.

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Originally Posted by Zoom25 View Post

So you're basically saying the TH-900 is a Harder Better Faster Stronger Denon. biggrin.gif


(Still need to listen to Random Access Memories)



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On a very big side note..u guys know certain elements in the audio industry buy off people to discredit products of competitors right? Or use threads about those products to trash it and so making it blocked...u maybe dont believ it..but some brands got lots of new buying customers because of these kind of threads....and it can run into big numbers!

Ps..am not suggesting anyone here doing that!!!!!

Am cooled down now.. And m13.. I dont know if u were earlier on this thread or not in 2011... (I actually was a month earlier a member then u on headfi i just found out now biggrin.gif ) but its the way some people communicate..i have an iq of 135 so i am not the stupiest guy around..and i speak to u in english..which is not even my second language.....but i try to keep our talks smart as i possibly can with my simple english..and that without google translate biggrin.gif

So...what is it that keeps me hanging around here on this thread...its not even about the wonderful he500 anymore..now i am confused rolleyes.gif

Pls..back on topic again guys wink.gif

And if it makes some people happy..the emotiva make me rock my socks of..happy now? biggrin.gif
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Let this post be known as a cleanser. Hopefully all the posts following this can go back to being contributive as they were a year ago. M-13, I see your jokes, satire, sarcasm and I along with a few others pick up on it and find it entertaining from time to time. However, others may not find it so, or be unable to grasp it. Let's all collectively just stop with this and go back to contributing useful stuff minus the jabs to keep the thread going and to keep people from getting banned. M-13, just give it a break, wouldn't want you to get banned bro. 






I'll start things off with a few discussion points:


- Favourite artists to listen to on the HE-500 that you don't get bored of over time

- Any song that make the HE-500 sound really good

- What is the one attribute that you love the most about the HE-500 or one that you really don't like?

- (Hopefully we can give the standard amps mentioned in this thread a break for a little while)

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For other newcomers that appear here from time to time. To help them out: Describe HE-500 in ONE sentence. biggrin.gif


Let's hear everyone's take on this.

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Originally Posted by Zoom25 View Post

For other newcomers that appear here from time to time. To help them out: Describe HE-500 in ONE sentence. biggrin.gif


Let's hear everyone's take on this.


Great, with serious caveats...just like every other good phone.

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