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HiFiman HE-500 (HE as in High End) Proving to be an enjoyable experience in listening. . - Page 1096

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Originally Posted by RiddleyWalker View Post

It's the head of the screw that's stripped, not that threading, would this still work?


Would prefer to just buy a new screw, but unsure of how to find ones the exact right size...

No! Sorry assumed it was threads. Locktite with stripped head would make it a real bear to ever remove! Rubber band trick sounds promising then I'd email Message@head-direct.com and see if they'll tell you exact size. I bet you could also find a screw assortment on Amazon or eBay.

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Originally Posted by Terja View Post

Just checking in to say my fully modded HE-500 is sounding absolutely glorious. The final piece of the modding was the pad to driver seal. That very simple final mod finally tipped the edge for me. The HE-500 has become an incredibly resolving and detailed headphone for me. I am hearing very fine detail that was barely audible before but which adds so much intricacy to the music. The bass has become more defined too and very enjoyable. Just as a side note I drive my 500s via speaker taps and have for quite a while. My amp of choice right now is a vintage Pioneer SA-9500II used strictly as a power amp. Here is the catalog of mods I've undertaken:


1) Grill mod -->

2) Fuzzor mod -->

3) Pad change (from stock velour to new Focus pads)

4) Pad to driver seal -->


Most of these mods are due to Jerg's Hifiman modding skills so two thumbs up there. For my pad to driver seal I used double-sided carpet tape after cutting circular shapes somewhat matching the driver baffles. I attached the tape to the driver baffles first. Attaching the pad was a bit tricky but not difficult. I think what happens here is the creation of a more airtight symmetrical chamber where the air is moving linearly from the drivers to the grills, so you're not losing any of the soundwave energy to the gaps between the pads and the drivers.


Was wondering if you could post more info about the pad to driver seal?


I was actually wondering about this today but couldnt think of anything immediate to seal the cup to the driver.  Do you have a link of what you used?  I am not sure what carpet tape is.


And basically all you did was cut the tape to size and just stick it on?


I am attempting the fuzzor mod right now, I would love to try the pad to driver seal afterward.

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Originally Posted by illitirit View Post


 I am not sure what carpet tape is.



It is just a double side adhesive tape ... you can simply cut it in the desired length or shape by using a pair of scissors ...

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So you don't bother with the mounting ring then?  Just put the tape on the baffles and stick the pad on?

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Seems like you guys are having some results. Did you seal all the way around the pads, or leave some space for venting?
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Been away trudging through the local jazz fest (I live in Vancouver, Canada).I posted my update basically when I was heading out for the jazz fest so didn't have time to post links. The pad to driver seal is basically what Jerg sets out here (see #3). My seal is very basic and does not involve removing the mounting rings or bluetack, putty, or similar sealing. I simply cut the tape to the rough shape of the circular rings all the way around, taped to the rings first, removed the paper, then attached the pads. I did not leave any venting as I figured the headphone to be quite open and not needing any additional venting, but ymmv.

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Wanted to share my experience of recently acquiring Audeze vegan pads for my he500.   I can only compare them to focuspads.



Focuspads (non-A):


Very close sounding and intimate.  Makes it feel like your head is literally 1 inch or less away from bookshelf speakers.  For me this resulted in alot of things sounding shouty and siblant.  Kind of claustrophobic feeling in that regard.  Bass has alot of rumble and attack when EQ'd (which I like).  But bass also sounds unrefined in this sense.


Comfort wise they are good, I wouldnt say superb.  I really hate how the pads can rotate freely with use resulting in the thick part of the pads not lining up properly.  I did not like how my ears would touch the earpad screen, it made everything seem out of balance.


Audeze vegan pads:


MUCH more open sounding.  Soundstage feels like it is doubled.  The sound feels further away, which to my surprise results in a much better listening experience compared to the shouty / siblant nature of the focuspads.  To me, the sound now is extremely neutral.  I went through all the tracks that I had problems with and have no problems anymore listening.  I do have the grill mod done on my HE500, which might add to the experience.


Bass rumble / attack / slam went down alot, however the bass is much more clear now.  It sounds more.....refined? (I dont know audiophile lingo).     Through my findings, if I EQ up the bass a bit more compared to focuspads, it evens out about 90%.  Considering the ears are much further away from the drivers now, this is only natural.  


Comfort wise its really a tier above focuspads.  It feels like my head is the meat in a pillow sandwhich.  The pads do not spin freely anymore, which is awesome.  You can still spin them, but require actual torque with your hands.  Because the pads are so thick, it actually alleviates the hotspot on the top headband from extra clamp on the left and right.  The extra clamp is not an issue however because the pads are so soft and comfortable.  I dont even notice the headband anymore.


My ears do not touch the earpad screen, the opening and depth are MUCH larger on the audeze vegan set.  I like it alot.



I think all thats left for me now is a new cable.

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thanks for the thoughts I have been considering the Audeze pads but the $$$ has made me skepticle :)

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