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Don't want to burden you unnecessary with complicated comparisons, so the two stock cables would be great already.


Just finished comparing the stock HE-500 and HE-560 cables on the HE-560s.  There is a difference.  Where the HE-500 cable has a lot of top-end energy, to the point of sibilance, if the song mastered that way (this with male vocals on Echo and the Bunnymen's "Stormy Weather"), and accentuates cymbals, esp. splashes, the HE-560 cable tames those sibilants very well.  It also packs a bigger bottom-end overall, while not bleeding into the mids (or if it does, it doesn't bother me).  It's a smoother presentation.  I tested the aforementioned song, as I know I should be hearing some solid bass, and "Tom Sawyer" (24-bit 96kHz version), since it's a pretty neutral mix, and if the low-end is being accentuated at all, it'll show.  The HE-500 cable doesn't really slouch on the bass, and maybe is a tad more accurate, but the over-accentuate highs can definitely detract.


I also listened to Hugh Laurie's "The Whale Has Swallowed Me" to have a non-rock, acoustic track, in there.  I didn't focus on it as intently.  The above stands for it, as well.


I should probably add that while the HE-560 cable has what I'd call a smoother presentation and a fatter bottom, details are not lost (or if they are, it didn't bother me).  I was definitely listening for that with that cable.  So in the end, with the HE-560s.... I'll stick with my DIY'd cable :D... but only because I compared it to the stock HE-560 cable (for sound and ergonomics).  For me, HFM definitely improved the cable along with the cans.


HTH  :beerchug:

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As we are talking about cable now, just to post that I received my pure silver custom cable last week. I thought of DIY but after comparing the price of silver wires and cost of parts, I decided to order from a taobao seller.

The silver cables are much more flexible compare to the stock HE-500 silver plated cables. At first listening I was shock at how much more sibilants I have with the new cables. I regretted that I didn't order the OCC type from the seller instead. Then I realize the pure silver cables are much more conductive that I am now listening to much higher volume. I turn the volume down 10 degree and now I am back at my "normal" listening volume level. I found there are much more details the pure silver cables can reveal comparing to the stock cables. Together with my "Black Pearl" mod, my HE-500 no longer sounds slow.


At times I missed the warm and lush sounds signature of the stock HE-500, I added a 1M OFC extension cord to the pure silver cable, to form my own "Silver/Copper" cable set. With the extension cord that I have to turn up the volume again.

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Originally Posted by Drrizzt View Post

Absolutely, i got mine for 290€, fully modded jergpad and open grilled. Can't imagine having better sound for the price, considering the fact that i bought a good cheap second hand Project sunrise and a hifimeDIY sabre dac. For less than 500€ in total i'm in total musical bliss for my ears. I'm just scared of the futur desire to upgrade but it won't be cheap to have a good improvement, at least 1500€ for the LCD-3...i'm going to stick with my rig a long long time.


So how does the Project Polaris sound with the HE-500? I can't decide whether to buy it, or rather the Lake People G109/S... I've settled on a Norne Audio Vanquish cable.

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The Polaris is on the same level that of the Ember, wich have A LOT of praise. I guess there are better out there but for for much more money. (The same old good law of diminushing returns). Beyond the Polaris, the improvement shall be rather sublte i assume.

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