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For Sale: Weiss DAC202

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For Sale:
Weiss DAC202

Will Ship To: CONUS

Well, I am putting up for sale a brand new Weiss DAC202 unit, the shipping box hasn't even been opened yet and I'll probably open it just to take pictures before the purchase. The retail price for this unit is now about 7.7k and might go up more due to the dollar devaluing. I purchased this unit a little over a month ago at the last call for 6.6k pricing and have not yet opened it because I've been A/Bing some dynamic headphones and wanted to keep my familiar rig / testing out a Burson HA-160D that I had gotten in recently as well. Anyways, it works out since I decided that I want to sell these to be able to make my recent SR-009 purchase hit a bit less hard and perhaps get the funds for a BHSE. So, here it is... and in case you don't know what this DAC is - you should read up on it. According to the reviews, easily one of the best DACs you can get (esp. under 10k).


Will be leaving this on head-fi for a bit before I put this up on audiogon/ebay since I've managed to sell all my other gear here as well without trouble though this is slightly more expensive than the other gear I have put on here before. Anyways after looking around, I've decided that I can do $5400 gifted or $5500 goods(we can split costs since I understand this is a lot of money). Please PM me for any questions or concerns, offers over 5k will be considered though I am not guaranteeing anything.

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Hi, I'm very interested in purchasing the amp. I'll probably be able to make a decision by early next week. Would you consider an offer of 5k gifted?

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Local pickup ok? ;)

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