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Any hints for DIY interconnects?

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Hi All...

I'm planning on building some interconnects and would like some guidance on which would be the right ones. Considering it's my first foray in the DIY world, what would be the most difficult to screw up?

I have some soldering experience but am not a pro by any means. Should I go the Belden route or try the silver wire/teflon tube design?

My source is a CD333ES-->Melos SHA-1-->HD 580 w/blue clou.

Copper or silver?
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The belden route might be easier if you go with the single belden cable. Also, do *NOT* skimp in the plugs. Get some quality ones, gold plated. The gold series rat shack ones are the absolute minimium but I wouldn't even mess with them. I'm looking at these.
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I'd like to know more about the various DIY interconnects too. Has anyone tried the ones on www.tnt-audio.com? They've got 2-3 recipes for both interconnects and speaker wire and I was wondering if anyone here had tried them.
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The recipe for the silver IC's I'm interested in is at http://venhaus1.com/coolwebsites.html

Sorry but I don't know how to put the link into the message.

The cables have gotten great reviews and seem to be easy to do with any kind of previous experience.

Is it better to go with silver? With my humble setup will I be able to tell the difference between silver and copper?

I want to do it right the first time and make the best ones possible.
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I didn't realize it would automatically make the link. Cool.
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I've built both the single beldon 89259 cables and the silver ones you're talking about, using 28 gauge silver wire. The beldon cables are far easier to build, you just solder connectors after preparing the ends. I had some trouble working with the 28 gauge silver wire, and they even recomend thinner wire!

If you don't think cables sound different, comparing these two cables will change your mind. The silver cables are a lot brighter than the beldons, or any other copper cable I've tried. And this is after an extensive burn-in. Fortune, you're setup is not what I would call humble, it's far better than average and you should be able to tell easily.

By the way the 89259 is fairly stiff, particularly for it's fairly small diameter. The silver cables with the teflon tube are really inflexable.
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Thanks KurtW!

I really appreciate you sharing your experience with the different types of cable. I'm toying with the idea of trying the silver interconnects. I think the combo of the Melos and the silver IC's would have a synergy that I'll enjoy.

I'll most likely order the materials over the next few weeks and I'll post the results.

Another question I have is whether or not the stiffer teflon tape is really necessary due to the inherent stiffness of the tubing. Also, which size of expandabe sleeve would be best for this recipe?
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Well, since the tubing is 1/4", 1/4" expandable sleeving would be good (click)

I don't think stiff teflon tape will be needed, as flimsy tape (which is not really tape if you haven't seen the stuff, as it does not stick) holds things quite well when wrapped well.

And if you really want to go all out, I recommend getting the Cardas SRCA (or cheaper, SLVR) RCA plugs, a lot of the pro's out there say it is the best.
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I used the thicker tape but I have the thinner tape and think it would have worked fine, especially if you're going to cover it up with the expandable sleeving which really makes it look nice.

The main problem I had was with soldering to the RCA plugs. I tried several ones including some Cardas and I forgot which ones worked best but the problem is that the thin wire can break easily so you want a plug that can keep things from moving around.

The other problem I have with the finished cable is I'm using it with a small phono preamp, which is a box that can't weigh more than a half pound. The cables still have a natural curve to them and I can't make the box sit where I want it to, the cables move it to where they want it to be. I find the cables too bright to use on anything else.

I've used various RCA plugs from Cardas to the $1 Neutrik gold plated plug, which is really well made for the price and works very well with the beldon cable. The one Nezer pointed out looks good too although I haven't tried it. I should probably do some extensive listening tests, but offhand I haven't noticed a difference.
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I would recommend going the Silver Shark route. If done right, it bests anything Monster or even sub-$500 Kimber sells.
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Dumb question, answered it myself.
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I actually under took a interconnecters project a few months back, made a few pairs. Using 1 pair myself, gave 1 pair to a friend and another friend borrowing another. It cost me about £20 for a 1m/pair on average and they sound pretty good.

The info can be found on www.hifichoice.co.uk 's forum and is one of the First thread there.

Plugs wise, I would say WBT make the best ones or you can try the new bullet plugs.
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