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Sub-$400 Closed Headphones

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Hi all


I'm in the market for some closed headphones, and thanks to our post-earthquake course subsidy, I've got around $500NZD ($400USD) which is burning a hole in my pocket.

I gather from reading around this forum that the best option is a headphone/amp combo, one option of which is the Beyerdynamic DT 770 paired (possibly) with a FiiO E7 Amp.


I've currently got a pair of HD555s (which is what started this whole wretched headphone affliction), and would ideally like something that sounds a little different.

My general listening includes rock, blues and acoustic - played through my iPod - so strong guitar (mids I guess) is pretty crucial.


I should also add that my flatmate is tripping over to the States in a couple of months, so shipping shouldn't really be an issue.


Any input you guys could offer would be much appreciated

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Fischer Audio FA-003 - see the thread here.

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Are they for home listening? do they need to be portable? 

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I just listened to my DT770/600 ($200 US) with my Audio-GD NFB-12 DAC/Amp ($200 US) and it's very good. Can't imagine much better fidelity for $400 (a little higher with shipping).


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If size doesn't matter, you can take a look at the SRH840's. 

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I'll generally be using them at home or in the library, so portability isn't too much of an issue.

The FA-003 and SRH840 both look pretty good, any direct comparisons between the two?


I'd also rather a portable (rechargeable, ideally) headphone DAC/amp.

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I owned the 840's and they are nice but have no air to them compared to the DT770/600 and they just didn't do it for me- no excitement. Plus the headband killed the top of my head. Great isolation though and good with vocals. My Ibasso D10 drives my DT770/600 well enough and they work well enough together.

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I have the Ultrasone HFi 780's and Pro 900's... Closed, in your price range, different from the Senns, and fantastic all around cans... both mean on the bass.

I would recommend having a look at their reviews. The 780s are easily driven by an ipod, the 900s benefit from amping, but I don't see it as crucial to the phones.

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Thanks guys for all of your help (I realise this is a popular topic on these boards). I've decided to go for the long-term approach; invest in a good portable DAC/Amp now and upgrade the headphones when I've got some serious money to spend on them.




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