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I was science and tech. You wouldn't happen to know a good audio store in SHG? I've been looking for a dac for some time, couldn't find one in Xujiahui, Baoshan... I should be going to HK in the next few months so I'll probably stop by jaben.


Hmm.. In puxi, there are a couple listening rooms. I don't remember exactly, but lemme take a look...if you can speak Chinese, it's alot easier. The prices should be comparable to the US prices, but be warned, they're not "authorized dealers". The one I go to is a sublet of an authorized dealer, and he's beside the intercontinental. You have to go up 5 flights of a pc mall to get to his store, and even then, it's not noticeable.


上海市普陀区江宁路1415弄20号403室. This one is deep in puxi.  - he has a grado hf2 for 1000 USD if you're desperate for one.


check prices on online sites before going there. I do know some dealers knowingly sell fakes and jack the prices up.


上海浦东张杨路588号百脑汇4楼4A03 - anrun headphone shop. They sell dacs, but only portable ones, and their prices are in the 400-1000 rmb range. For others, you have to ask. Ask nicely or buy bundle to get the best prices. Example: the HE-6 with amp is 7500 rmb vs 8500 if you go and buy them in two trips. If you buy something else, you can probably haggle it down to 7000 rmb as long as you pay full price on the other one. That's about all I can think of off the top of my head. The ones they have out of their boxes are the ones that they allow to be tested.



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