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Treble set to 8dB, am i crazy?

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Hey Guys

its been a month since i have been using my RE-ZEROs. last week, i was tempted to play with the equaliser settings, and i set them to something and forgot. yesterday night, i was going through the settings and i found my RockBoxed Sansa Fuze had treble set to 8dB and Bass set to 7dB. am i simply crazy to crave treble and clarity so damn much?? even the last time i had started enjoying the ZEROs, i had set the treble to 5dBs. any of guys have such gains on ur DAPs too?

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Share, Radi0head......ohh, i have mine here popcorn.gif

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I like my highs too but I normally keep the EQ off. I must try this rockbox some day...

No, I don't think you are crazy if that is what you like.wink.gif
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you shouldnt however consider more treble to mean more clarity this is how we determine what sound your after and which headphones suit you afterall you could EQ apple buds to blast out treble do you think it makes them better?


remember what you are doing is simply increasing frequency volume not clarity thus creating an unbalanced sound, clipping/distortion and thus not using the headphones to full potential, our advice would likely be if you crave more treble buy brighter headphones dont introduce massive EQ as this hurts the quality even if it sounds all sparkly and good.

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@radiohead, yup, i do like it, but my settings are now back to normal. A thing in my head doesn't let me use the EQ alot, it says phones tht sound good should sound the way u like with no EQ.
thanks for pointing the clarity-treble thing out, i basically know that more treble doesn't mean more clarity, just said it at the same time, making it sound like that.
But, it is ok using these phones with a little bit of EQ rite? Though i'm not a vivid user of the EQ, but at the same time miss the treble extension of the 0s i had.plus, i'd like to say, these phones took EQing in a good way.there wasn't distortion and clipping at all for the days i have used the phones, thats why i felt the settings hadn't been changed at all.
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The issue with the RE-Zero isn't sensitivity.  It's that the top end is pretty mild mannered, too pleasant for your liking.  You might be better off using an earphone with more aggressive treble, detailed, edgy to get what you seek.  Bass on the RE-Zero is understandable as it does roll off some.  Also the lean, clean note may not carry the heft and fullness you seek either.  Something you may need to figure out is if you simply want a different kind of presentation or if you want the V shaped frequency response.



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Boosted Bass and treble EQ's are pretty much basic thing on my rigs.
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@mvw2, whats the v shaped frequency response?also, with the ZEROs i have, i lyk it better when the Bass and Treble are increased in quantities, compared to the default/normal EQ in rockbox. Does it mean tht i lyk it better with the highs and lows being ahead of the mids?as in not totaly flat FR but as above? Which one of the DBA02 and the VSonic GR07 be better for me?or should i go for the RE0s again?this time amped using a Mini^3?
All considering my Sansa Fuze is neutral/transparent enough.
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I might lean you more towards something like the Panasonic HJE900 on the cheap.  You would also be a good candidate for the Triple.Fi 10 as well if you didn't mind spending a little more.  Actually, you should be able to find a Triple.Fi 10 for the price range of the DBA-02.


As for the DBA-02, the RE-Zero has more bass but the DBA-02 does have more treble.  The GR07 is one I have yet to hear personally, but it is geared to be balanced, so no, it wouldn't be a correct choice although it may be better than the RE-Zero it terms of getting you closer.


Best bet, start with a Triple.Fi 10 and see what you think.  Grab one used in the For Sale section of the forum.  If you don't like it, sell it at the same price.  You're out nothing plus you've tried it at least.

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Sounds like someone needs some SR325's, or if they are out of your price range, any lower grado with bowl pads.

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I remember you were on a tight budget. How much can you spend for the next IEM?


Considering how you liked RE0, try and get a RE0 used. Won't be that difficult in India.


If you are averse to buying something used, I'd wait for reviews of Brainwavz B2. If it sounds similar to DBA-02, then it is a better choice since you can get it locally in India sometime through PristineNote. Compare local prices of both and get the one you like and/or cheaper. But you will need to keep the bass EQ up in that case. If bass is not as much a priority as treble, then consider them, otherwise not!


TF10 is a good choice if you can get it through one of the FS threads. I see TF10 cropping up every now and then at TechEnclave. So, you need not even have to go through the hassle of importing. As long as you get a good fit with them, it should be fine.


I am afraid GR07 does not have enough sizzle at the top to satisfy you.

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i had long lost the thought of getting the Triple.fi 10s, those were my dream phones when i first joined Head Fi. Are these more detailed than the 0s? Or any of the above mentioned phones?
Hey mvw2, i thought i liked analytical, but you seem to be observing something else than what i was thinking. Is it that i don't like analytical that much? (deducing it from ur recommending the TF10s, and other things in the post).is it that i *think* that i like analytical/balanced, but my posts say something else?
Also, i read somewhere that the DBA02s had enough bass, atleast more than the ZEROs.

i was thinking of the SR60is, and then read that they won't benefit much from amplification as would higher end Grados (bit of a turnoff as i loved the modability of the Grados). What should i consider according to you?

@esanthosh, that is exactly what i thought about the 0s.i have contacted a few on the forum. Striked a deal with a guy living in the US, at bout 40usd, broken cable, though am afraid of the shipping costs.
I even posted on techenclave but couldn't find anything.if you know someone trying to sell theirs, please let me know.
As for the money part, you've got mail!
Keep the suggestions coming guys.
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Well, you like what you like.  Part of the hobby is figuring out what that may be.  What you like may change over time too.  Since you're bumping bass and treble, you obviously want that.


It's not that the DBA-02 lacks bass.  It's just that the frequency response does roll off on the low end and that the notes have very fast decay.  In a way the DBA-02 has "more" bass than the RE-Zero as it is more aggressive than the RE-Zero, and this can be enough to say "well, I hear things down low."  The RE-Zero has more decay and a fuller note though which fills out the presence of those lower notes better than the DBA-02, although I still see the RE-Zero as a relatively lean, clean earphone.  I just see the DBA-02 as more so and this can pose problems when trying to reproduce low frequencies.  A simple example is taking a recording of a cello.  Listen to some low notes where there's moderate string vibration, body vibration, etc., things that require reasonable decay and texture to present.  The DBA-02 will fall short, significantly enough to not even perceptively show some of the details.  The RE-Zero is more filled out and brings forth more information.  You will hear more things from the RE-Zero than from the DBA-02 despite the DBA-02 being faster and arguably more detailed.  It's just that the DBA-02 is good about the highs but not so good about the lows.  It's not just about hearing stuff down low.  It's also about creating a meaningful sound and the DBA-02 isn't very good about that.


The Triple.Fi 10 is a highly detailed earphone.  It is also quite thick in note for a BA based product.  It isn't the most revealing BA based product due to the thickness of note.  However, the overall sound quality is very high.  It's very refined as well as very fun to listen to.  The common complaints with the earphone revolve around the recessed mids, but since you're already boosting treble and bass to get a sound you want, the Triple.Fi 10 starts more like that already meaning it's closer to what you're looking for.  Fitment, build quality, and the cable have always been issue with the product though, but the concern depends on who you ask.  For me, I've had little problems in any regard.  I've owned a pair twice, each for roughly half a year.  Fitment is fine as long as you find a tip that fits your ear well.  Historically the tip selection of the Triple.Fi 10 where just small/medium/large single flange tips which isn't exactly much to work with.  Later they added Comply foams which helped out a lot.  However, it can be nice to invest in a few more tip options to make the fitment process much simpler.  Monster has a big variety pack of tips that include silicon and foams that offer some variety.  A number of manufacturers sell their tips separately so you can get a variety of bi-flange tips to work with.  I've liked the MEElectronics ones personally like found in their M9.  They seem to fit my ears well.  It's all about finding tips that work well with your ears.  It's easy to blame the earphone, but the tip is always the issue.  The cord, I don't know.  It's not the greatest out there.  It's obviously not as robust and durable as some offerings from Sennhieser, Shure, or Audio Technica.  However, it's not terrible either, and at least for me it's worked plenty fine.  The old version had a stiffer cord that had some memory issues.  The newer version is softer, feels flimsier but is nicer to work with.  It's easier to wrap up and doesn't have memory.  My only suggestions are don't pull out the cord from the earphone unless you have a good reason and don't be stupid with the jack when removing.  You have to be pretty gentle disconnecting the cord from the earphone, slow and easy.  The newer jack is now straight and a lot less robust than the old 90 degree one.  Being rough with it, yanking on the cord, etc. will likely cause eventual issues.  Just be nice to your equipment, and you'll never have problems.

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mvw2, absolute respect what to you write Sir.

so the DBA02s are off my list, for the time being i am getting the 0s, not brand new.

and i'd be looking at the forums for sale, and if i find a good offer, i'd get a used, other wise Save and Buy a brand new one.


Thanks mvw2.

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