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Due to limited of money I only can get eithor of one. I've read a bunch of review over and over again in many times. I owned UE 10 pro, personly not too bad, but the vocal part doesn't impress much feeling. Although, there's GoVibe Martini amp with alo copper lod for helping, but it won't help too much. But I do impress of it's classical performance. It actually done well but not superb. Anyway, most of the review point a100 is great and it really match my taste ( I haven't tried it before). However, martini amp is not that good and i'm afraid it won't get a100 in a really good performance. On the otherway, if i chooce corda swing, I've got much more headphone to choose like Dt880/ HD650 etc. But a100 is limited version, what should I chooce? One more question, does 10 pro performance will increase much under the corda swing amp? Please give some advice for me, thx a lot!!!!


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