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Upgradin from SR-125i's to what?

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After using my SR-125i's for the past year, I think it's time to upgrade to something a little more different. I've been thinking about possibly going to a SR-325i. But i've been a bit mixed with what exact direction I should go.


My amp is a Gilmore Dynalo (which is being worked on)

Dac being used: AMB gamma 1


as for music: http://www.last.fm/user/knightofawesome


Suggestions? Pointers?

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A long long time ago, 2.5 years ago smile_phones.gif, I bought a pair of SR80i's.  Loved them.  Used them for a week, then returned them for credit for the SR125i's.  Used those for a year.  Since then, I've moved upwards through the Grado line.  Right now my faves are the HF2 and RS2i.


I had the SR325is.  Didn't like them at all.  Way too bright.  I much prefer the Alessandro equivalent, the MS2i.  The MS2i don't have the over-the-top sparkle shrillness that the SR325is had.  Much more balanced.


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What is it about the SR125's sound that you like? Even more importantly, what area do you see where improvement would be welcomed? It helps a lot to see what sonic qualities you like/dislike. :)

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Now that's the kicker ain't it? Without actually being able to my Dynalo at the moment without risking of over heating it's voice coil, It's difficult to truly know exactly what I want. But from what I can remember... I also can't truly comment of the sound of the head amp, because I had the inputstage under biased and the output stage over biased; things were a little wonky. But i clearly remember the highs were much better, but that may be just a difference from the gamma 2 from the headphone out on my computer. But it was something I defiantly wanted more of, which made me think of the SR-325i's.


The shrieking highs are something i defiantly want less of, they can make listening to some songs unlistenable. What is exactly the difference between the MS2i's and the SR325i's? I can't find any FR graphs for the MS2's.

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MS2 is just more balanced for the most part, or so they say post.  If in doubt, grab an SR325is.

If you are still in doubt, grab an SR325is.

If in really heavy doubt, grab an SR325is RS1i PS1000.


Make sure you fully burn it in.

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