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Thank you for chiming in, fdg. The pre-gain is a fantastic feature.
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I´m thinking about getting back into desktop headphone gear and getting an amp would be the first step. I´m mostly into IEM´s these days so one requirement for amp candidates is that they play nice with balanced armature IEM´s. In other words the output impedance has to be very low, there has to be configurable gain and the volume pot needs to be high quality. So here I am :) As a side story I actually had a V200 for a while a very long time ago and always regretted letting it go.


Do any V200 owners here use it with very sensitive and low impedance balance armatures? Is the lowest pre-gain option enough? Is it safe for the IEM? I´m a bit concerned as the V200 swings tons of power around and I don´t want to break my expensive new toy. While I´m sure I´ll add a Sennheiser HD 650 or a planar to the mix someday, but in the beginning I´d be using it with the Shure SE846 and Sennheiser IE 800. The Shure especially isn´t an easy task for a desktop amp as they are generally made for very different headphones. I think it´s the ultimate test for judging an amp´s versatility. Extremely sensitive, 9 ohms and as such very prone to noise. Probably one of the nastiest tests for any desktop amp, just on the different side of the spectrum to the typical "does it have enough power for  [insert planar headphone X]?" :)

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A bit late to the party, but thank you for a great review.

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