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Originally Posted by hennessys (Click to show)
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mamma mia quant'è bello, pare un bijoux :)


Sorry mate, i just live in Italy, but i don't speak the language...


Actually i should start. Shame on me.




Man, +1 for roskodan. Your place really looks like a paradise. Those photos are something…


what setup, chain, settings, do you use for the he-6?

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Originally Posted by project86 View Post



Scratch resistant, yes. Scratch proof? No. It's like using a screen protector on a modern phone that has gorilla glass. 


I wish not to worry about scratches, but when i got the itch and swapping headphones I’m anything but careful. I never buy gear which I’m intent to sell, but I shouldn’t ruin the visual enjoyment of the next generation, if I let something go :D



Hiface2 + Eastern Electric Minimax with a nice set of tubes and rolled opamps + some cable experimet +6db  for now. I'm in game for speaker amps for the HE6. Even though this can is great with the v200, but I can’t shake the feeling of finding an old fashion power house with this.


HE-6 speaker tap cable

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wow you have a lot of options there


i find my setup good with the he-6, but when comparing with any other can i have/had, it kind of misses the same authority, or it's maybe just the he-6 signature to be so neutral, there are the same details, the sound is still full but the tone is very neutral, like it misses the coloration of the other cans, the he-6 have this very well controlled, technical sound, boosts environmental and nature sound recordings in realism, it's fast and soundstaging is really good and big, but kind of lacks the euphony


and then it requires much more gain than any other can, which implies you need to change settings when switching with other cans


so i guess a good speaker amp is indeed the way to go... to add some meat, euphony etc...


edit: in terms of euphony with the violectric stack if the general ground is set to gnd and the v200 set to dc operation, it improves substantially, but again only for the he-6, the other cans suffer from it

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Dear Head-Fiers,

Today I received V200. Actually I do listen with T70. These particular headphones have opinion of being lean on bass and bright. Well, I have checked them with many amplifiers. Finally Espressivo-E OTL amp with russian tubes gave these headphones right power and timbre. For many months this pairing was great. What can I say today, it is even better. Bass has better control, and is same power and quantity than with OTL, but now even with better control and texture. V200 seems to be dedicated to them. There is absolutely no harshness, peaks and other fatiguing elements that can be found with these headphones on other solid state amps. 

To me Lampizator Level 4 DAC -> V200 -> T70 is brillant setup. Very well balanced, detailed and spacious with 'thunder' bass (...really it is). Please not that well powered T70 got better bass (deeper) than HD650 which I also have but find a bit lower quality to T70.


Hope to write something more about V200 after more time

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Welcome to the club :)

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Originally Posted by Maxvla View Post

Here's my take on the V200 and V181.


(Same review contents, different ratings)

good to see an "foots on the ground" review,


kind of confirms the wishes of violectric to do a balanced v200 version, which would than give the best of both devices in one,


i would like to know how did you connect each amp to the v800 (rca, xlr), and what were the pre-gain values used?

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XLR interconnection. 1/4 TRS on headphone jack for both amps. I wanted to keep it on a fair playing field. The balanced connection of the V181 gave me slight soundstage enhancements, but they were slight enough I could have been imagining it. Unlike both using TRS, switching XLR cable and TRS cable takes too long to compare small differences.

I left the gain switches at stock. I can look when I get home from work if you need the specific amount.
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oh, i see, in that case it doesn't really matter, thx

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Hi guys,


I've pulled the trigger on a V200 / V800 stack and boy I am blown away. Firstly thanks for all the contributors on this thread, I read the whole thing and it helped alot with the decision to buy.


I am running:


MSI Wind U100 with Jriver and Fidelizer --> HiFace Two --> Silver/Gold Coax --> V800 --> twin Silver/Gold XLR --> V200 --> Stock Cable --> MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs


It truly brings out the best in the Alpha Dogs!! Sensational grip and control. I came from a iPod / Fostex HPP1 / Triad L3/LLP setup and although the L3/LLP hits well above it's weight range, it's no match for the V200's immense power output and circuitry. But it's the V800 that truly is the star in the combination. I thought the 32bit Wolfsen DAC in the Fostex was resolving, boy I am hearing new things in music I've heard a 1000 times! I know it sounds like a cliche but by Joe, its true.


Firstly the settings: I am using WASAPI on Jriver. I have scaled up all formats to 24bit/192. Running latest HiFace Two drivers (1.7). I've lifted the ground on the V200 and removed the low pass filter, I've had to set the pregain to -12 so I can have the V800 on max volume and V200 at around 12-3 O'clock. Resampling set to best although Jriver already set to 24/192 anyway (switching around to off makes no difference to my ears).


These were my initial impressions:


Quote initial impressions:

It's effortless. Gobs of power. Authoritative. Excellent control of dynamic range, from smallest detail to tsunami levels.

Smooth yet extremely detailed and balanced. Detail retrieval is flat out the best I've ever heard. Hog dang I am hearing things I've not heard before on some classical 24/192 and I've listened to them alot. but never rough or harsh. Very analogue. Very musical, never in your face. I attribute this to V800 resolving power.
Soundstage is huge on some tracks. Intimate on others. Depth perception is great, AD's do pretty well here for me. Airy, etheral. Can't get past how much detail I am hearing, it's like... a foggy night has lifted and now it's crystal clear and crisp, but still romantic and beautiful rather than digital and cold. Quiet passages are just amazing, haven't heard this before in the quiet passages.
Mids are as best as they get as per normal magnetic planar. Lush and gooey but also clean and crisp. Timbre just perfect. Enya's vocals are magic.
Highs are airy and open. never harsh. Perfect timbre, even for slightly bright AD's. Sort of tame them abit. But would like to see how they go with proper copper cabling.
Bass is just excellent. Same AD slam, same AD attack, same toe tapping lows but I think for the first time I could physically feel bass, like a proper 10 or 12 inch sub can do. No joke, felt my ear lobes rumble. Weird sensation. There's more there too, low rumble at 50hz or so, it's a strange sound I've not heard before. Hard to explain, can be heard best on electronic bass and drums. It makes me sit up and listen. It's a textured bass sound, very distinct new sound.
Instrument separation is a big win! distinct and separated in space. Can keep track of just one instrument easily within the track. Crisp clarity of separate instruments in space.
Overall excellent balance. Don't need to listen at high volumes to appreciate all the details and bass. As I said, authoritative. Drives AD like a boss. The stack is in perfect balance, made for eachother.



Music I listened to include: Queen Remastered best of, Michael Jackson's History, Norah Jones 24/192, Enya, Adele 21, Daft Punk Musique and Random Access Memories, Fleetwood Mac, Sade, Alica Keys, Celine Dion many more.


I know this is a controversial topic but I really do feel that experimenting with the cabling of the Vio stack, in particular the Coax from the HiFace and the Balanced XLR's, makes a huge difference. About as much of a difference as using a HiFace Two and not using a HiFace Two. In unison the whole system scales up very well.


Next on the agenda, recabling the AD's, external clean USB power for the HiFace two and perhaps power cables. 

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Thread Starter 

Maxvla - I'm interested in your reviews of the Violectric gear, because I hear it very different from you. Which is weird because you seem to hear the Matrix M-Stage HPA-2 USB exactly how I do.


I'll agree that massive, expansive, layered soundstage is not Violectric's strong point. What I don't hear is the smearing of textures you mentioned. To my ears, that's just not an issue. I finally got to hear the Mjolnir recently and while it was surprisingly good (the person who brought it over hated it and assumed I would hate it too - which I didn't), I'd place it below the V200 for its somewhat aggressive character and lack of finesse. The BHA-1 is a closer match based on my limited memory of it, but definitely does not blow the V200 away imho.


Anyway, it's just an interesting observation that we hear the M-Stage so similarly and the Violectric stuff so differently. Have you heard the HiFiMAN EF-6 by any chance? Curious to know if our thoughts line up on that or not.




Lillee - Thanks for the impressions. I got the Alpha Dogs not long ago and am slowly getting around to using them with all my amps. So V200 is among the very best matches, along with AURALiC Taurus. 

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I have heard the EF-6 but only with the HE-6 and it did nothing to help the HE-6 become favorable.
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Originally Posted by roskodan View Post

good to see an "foots on the ground" review,


kind of confirms the wishes of violectric to do a balanced v200 version, which would than give the best of both devices in one,


i would like to know how did you connect each amp to the v800 (rca, xlr), and what were the pre-gain values used?

Has there been any new news on the V282 front?  

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the lull before the storm...

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Ok, just to stir up the waters a bit. I was in touch with Fried Reim in December and i asked him about the new amps. I hope he doesn't mind, if i share  it with you guys.

Here is what he wrote:

About amps to come ...
We are working on successors of V181 and V200, named V281 and V220.
To save costs V220 will be the base of V281.
They will have double height cases so 2 "standard" units will meet the height of the new amp(s),
also the cases might be a little deeper.
The basic V200 circuitry will remain and will be implemented into the balanced V281.
The transformer will be bigger to have a bit more amp-juice and the ability to feed some nice options.
The inputs (balanced, unbalanced and the optional digital input) are selectable from the front.
There will be a (balanced ?) line output on the back.
This can be set to be adjustable or fixed to the input source.
The basic version will have a manual volume control and a manual balance control.
1st option is the remote control with motorized potentiometer for the volume and for input selecting.
2nd option is a 128-step relais based volume, also together with the inputs remote controlled.
Finally 1 of 6 digital input options may be chosen: USB/Opto/Coax with up to 96 or 192 kHz sample rate.
We hope to release these new amps middle of 2014.
Also there will be some nice priced but high featured Lake People DACs to be released soon
to establish Lake People even more as a "budget" solution under Violectric
As i had the V100 i was extremely happy and had no thoughts of changing amp until i've got the power hungry HE-6. I listen to a coupe of other amps, but i ordered the v200 trusting the brand even without trying it. It didn't disappointed me and i'm not thinking about let the V200 go, but when these new gears hit the market i might fall in love again. There are a couple of yummy option and the V281 sounds very interesting.
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