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Hi End HP and Iphones

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Hey Head-Fi,
I am a noob at headphones and I am thinking of buying a sennheiser 600. I only listen to music with my iphone though, and I read somewhere that it doesn't power with iphones. Please tell me if the sennheiser 600 will work with Iphones. Thanks smily_headphones1.gif
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It will work, as in, sound will come out. But they won't sound nearly as good as they should. They might even sound worse than cheaper headphones. That's because the HD600 needs more power than your iphone can deliver. You need an amp to get them to sound to their full potential.

I recommend you to look at headphones that are easier to drive, like the Sennheiser HD25-1 II. These don't need an amp to sound awesome and will easily sound better than the HD600 on an iphone. It has a completely different sound signature though, what music do you listen to?

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well if i wanted to use 600s with my iphone wat amp would u suggest?

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The HD600s aren't portable cans. They're open, quite expensive, and not too durable.

I'm with Aizura!
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we can't help if you don't give us more details, there are previous threads and discussions about this as well ya know, but we would be glad to help you out if you need it. There are such things as portable amps, maybe check out some by ALO audio.  

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LOL, i was so stupid back then....

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The AIAIAI TMA-1 sounds similar to the HD600/650 and will be driven perfectly fine by just an ipod or iphone. The are closed and more durable as well. I actually replaced an HD650 with a TMA-1 about a month ago. I love it.
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Originally Posted by jasonb View Post

The AIAIAI TMA-1 sounds similar to the HD600/650 and will be driven perfectly fine by just an ipod or iphone. 

Interesting! a portable alternative to the HD600's. Good to know. 

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They may be darker than the HD600, but sound just like a sealed HD650. Warm, smooth, and a little dark... Just the way i like it. Some people might not believe me, but i am not the only one that says the TMA-1 sounds very much like the HD650. I am also not the only one who now prefers the TMA-1 to the HD650. The TMA-1 has the same smooth slightly forward mids, along with a better quality bass and treble. I just hear better detail in the TMA-1, and this is with the iPhone 4 against an $850 Headroom amp/dac as the source of the HD650.

Just had to edit this and say this: I'm listening to my TMA-1 right now, and I really personally do not consider the TMA-1 or HD650 even, to be dark. They aren't bright, but I dont consider them to be lacking treble. The TMA-1 definitely does not lack detail either. There is quite a bit of detail being revealed. They just dont get harsh or sibilant, which is a huge plus that really agrees with my tastes. Some will find them dark when compared to a lot of other headphones though.
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