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Brainwavz M2 bass response

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Hello everyone, i am having problem with the bass response of brainwavz M2 inears.


I previously owned "Senn CX300 II" and i was very much pleased with the bass they were able to produce bt then smhw i lost them. So i thought of an upgrade, searched over the forums and went in for the Brainwavz M2 thinking of a lttl upgrade but to my surprise, i m nt getting the bass response anywhere near wht CX 300 II were giving me. I have changed the tips from small, medium to large and even tried the senn leftover ones as well but the bass just dnt seem to be there(The CX 300 II bass factor is just missing). I m nt very technical bt acc. to the reviews i thought that the brainwavz M2 were a clear upgrade, so can anybody through some light onto if i m missing something or if the earphones are of no comparison in bass department to the CX 300 II.


The source is the same (PC n Cell(HTC Touch HD)) and i am listening to the same list of songs.

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Bass quantity and quality are two very different things.  The CX300 are bass monsters.  Fart cannons, if you will. :P


Basically, they have a ton of bass, but it's pretty awful sounding and overlaps the rest of the signature.  The M2s aren't supposed to have tons of bass.  If you wanted bass, the M2 probably isn't what you're looking for.  You should research a little more before buying something...a good place to start is here:


The M2 is a far, far superior IEM to the CX300, but seeing as how you clearly don't care about anything but bass, I wouldn't go spending that much on headphones that aren't particularly bassy.  If you want bass, go for the Hippo Boom.

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Ok, so its right tht the Brainwavz M2 are of no comparison to CX 300 II in bass dept. Thanx for th info, i was pretty much confused onto it.


Can you tell me about bass response of Hippo VB(i had originally planned for it bt later went in for Brainwavz M2)



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MEElectronics M31 could fit your bill. Check out Joker's review on them.

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You wrote about CX 300, are they not too different from CX 300 II?????

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From what I understand, they are essentially identical. Again, I strongly suggest you check out Joker's review thread.  A lot of the time when we're commenting on various headphones, we're really just paraphrasing what's said in joker's thread, or what others say around here, if we don't have any first-hand experience on them.  So it'll save all of us, you included, time and effort, if you read through the headphones you're interested in in your price range, then come back afterwards.

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Originally Posted by sanjeev View Post

Ok, so its right tht the Brainwavz M2 are of no comparison to CX 300 II in bass dept. Thanx for th info, i was pretty much confused onto it.


Can you tell me about bass response of Hippo VB(i had originally planned for it bt later went in for Brainwavz M2)



No, the only thing cx300 have more than M2 is bass quantity, not quality. But if you're only care about bass, hippo vb will be the better choice
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You also might want to look into some Monster Turbines.  They have a significant amount of bass that is significantly better than the CX300s as well.  Sometimes you can find them new for around 75 and refurb direct from Monster for around 50.  

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I listen to music when i want to empty my mind and relax(usually when my mind is wavering cz f sth or the other), so obviously i dnt pay attention to details too much at tht time.


Brainwavz M2 aren't bad, i do like them but somewhere that laid back listening is not there(the dhoom factor tht i mentioned). Actually i have been more inclined to Hippo VB to know what does that subbass means but then i thought not to experiment and went in for Brainwavz M2, they sounded too thin at start to me(although clear), though i am getting used to them now, but prob. a lttl more bass would have completed them for me.......


Nyways, Thanx for all the replies.........

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Just buy a Sony XB500 for $50 and get it over with. :)

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I'm under same situation as you for the upgrade. Anyway thanks for the wise differentiation on quality and quantity. I'm still going for M2 though! :p

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Dear DarthEX,


i just today saw your post, srry.....(albeit i am writing this for others so that they are not mislead)

I hope you be enjoying your M2 as i found them absolutely fantastic after some time (i dnt need any more bass).....

May be adjustment period or something, i dnt know.....Now i am using the larger tips and the bass is just amazing, experiment to chek which tips fits you best as with improper insertion you wont hear the proper bass........

I also bought VSonic GR06, the jokers review put them a step ahead of brainwavz m2, the two have different sound signatures, so different flavours but the brainwavz is better with all types of sources, the bass feels better(to me, ofcourse subjective) and the different instruments play transparent to one another which still makes them my favourite....... 



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I kind of expected a quite bassy IEM from the M2 as well based on various reviews, but what I got was something very mid-forward instead.  It's not the most detailed IEM in the world and it's got a very heavily colored sound, but out of everything I have, vocals sound best on the M2 for reasons I can't quite quantify.  If I want lots of really deep bass, I grab the Sony MH1C or the TDK MT-300.

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Not very bass heavy, but more than enough n quality and speed is fantastic....
Not most detailed IEM, RE0 would have been too thin in bass department(costly as well) n sunrise xcape was not available(Price range)....GR06 i mentioned is a new contender....
From your post, i dont agree with the term very heavily colored sound.....well btw sound is subjective, but we can trust joker's review(

BTW the gears you mentioned do not yet appear on the list, though he slowly keeps on adding new ones.....

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