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Slee Solo

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Anyone audition this puppy?
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Slee's amp is a DIY-gone-nuts situation, kinda like our friend Jan and Meier Audio.. it's an AD826 with a discrete AB (2 diode drops?) output stage, in a easy-to-get plastic project box, using stuff easy to get for DIYers...

But I'm sure it sounds excellent. Engineers are always function over form kinda guys. (Jan is an exception cause I think the Corda rocks in looks
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Thanks for the info.

BTW, it appears that Mr Slee has gone to powder coated aluminum (at least his page says he has)

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I need to find a source for metal Corda-style cases
I found one place in the UK, West-something (a part of Tyco Electronics), but it's the UK, not local USA
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