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Trying to understand the "Shure house sound", just a quick reply needed to help make decision

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Hey everyone, after leaving my Klipsch x10's for some full sized cans (ATH-M50, Shure 840, etc) I have realized that IEM are really what I need.


I want to upgrade from my x10's. I loved them when I first got them 2-3 years ago, but after comparing them to the M50's, I realized that they are really lacking mid clarity and strength, and lacking energy overall. I really like their deep powerful bass, but vocals are too weak, high guitar sounds register faint, and the bass could stand to be a little more articulate.


So now I'm stuck between a few IEM's that all seem great, but which are far too expensive to buy all and try out. I'm looking at the Westone 3,4, Shure 535, and the Monster Turbine Copper's. It's really a draw for me, I can't tell which will suit me the best.


But it would help me to know if the Shure 840 cans represent the Shure house sound everyone talks about. I really really REALLY liked the mids and overall presentation of music on the 840s, but ended up keeping the M50's because for my ears, the 840's had literally ZERO bass (especially compared to the M50, which has basically *perfect* amount of bass for me).


What I'm getting at is if the 535's have the same bass output as the 840s, I will easily cross them off my list and not think twice, no matter how much I love those mids. it's worthless to me with such a weak low end foundation. Can anyone compare the 840's to the 535s?


Or, if anyone has heard the x10s and the 535s, give me an idea of how the bass compares between these two? I wouldnt mind slightly less bass compared to the x10s, all long as the trade off is quality for quantity.


I have searched the forums but I get such conflicting input about the 530/535s ... some say the bass is amazing, heavy, and thumping, but people also felt that way about the 840s, so ... I'm NOT a "basshead", though I do listen to electronic music sometimes, but I need a nice substantial low end to even the sound out.


The W3s sound interesting, though I'm skeptical about the sibilance and also the "V" shape doesn't sound great to me because I really like strong, clear, musical mids.


I know there are too many of these posts, and I held off asking this for a few days, but it would really help to get some direct feedback about the 535 bass!


Thanks so much for any help!!!

This site has been super helpful for supporting my addiction.

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no they dont.


the 840 are very trebbly for a shure and compared to the 530 are rather bass light too.  mids arent as good either.


if you love mids they are best out there, the RE-262 is as close as it gets otherwise

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hmmmmmmm, damn I was hoping to cross them off my list! LOL ... being a poor ass student is really starting to get in the way of my addiction. I will certainly have to try the 535's then? I would look at the 530's but I'm SOOO wary of cable issues (my x10's split at the housing and it's just depressing), so the detachable cable is really really attractive. You say the mids of the 840s are weak!?!? Just goes to show how limited my experience is. I thought vocals sounded so so sweet ... actually, if the 840's would have had more powerful bass I would have loved them.


Can you comment on the bass between the 535s and x10s? Do you recommend the 535's in general? Any idea where I can get them cheaper, the are CRAZY expensive.


Also, how would you compare the W4's to the 535s? Seems like the Shure's are perhaps more "musical", meaning, more forgiving, less analytical, smoother, etc ...


I think I should try the Shure's first ... I'm also really concerned with isolation as I'll be using these for commuting, study, etc ... I've read that the Shure's are great at this, would you confirm that?


Thanks so much for the help, I know you HF vets put in a lot of time answering the same questions. Us noobs appreciate it!



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I thought they fixed the 530 cable issue. Anyway, I bought mine new about 2 years ago and they're still holding up. As far as isolation goes, I've worn them on flights with quite audible engine noise and could not hear anything.
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They fixed the cable issue on 530s or you mean they fixed it by releasing the 535? I wonder if I should start with the 530's then, they are a great deal. I don't really mind *slightly* recessed highs ... although I'm a sucker for the looks of the 535s. I'll have to look more into this.

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I meant the 530s, although I'm not entirely sure as I said.
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oh i wouldnt say thu 840 midse are bad, its just that the 530 has sat for many years as the king of mids.  that what it does and bar the 262 nothing ive heard competes.

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