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SU-DH1 or Astro for RS180?

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I found in many forum about SU-DH1 has not so good Amp but Astro is also not quite support for movie.Anybody know which one is fit best with Sennheiser RS180 for 5.1 Hi-def movies with iXtreamer? I could not get any information where to get these two in England espectually SU-DH1. And another thing I have asked guy from Richer sound about Sennheiser RS180 for Surround sound decorder. He said that RS 180 already produce surround sound, so no need for SU-DH1 or Astro A40? What 's meaning by that? Anyone can tell different between w/wo surround decorder for RS180?

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Nobody know about this. So disappoint...mad.gif

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SU-DH1 and Astro do dolby headphone, which is taking a native 5.1 digital and turning it into 2.0 for stereo headphones. RS180 already has 5.1 support in them.

Two different things you're looking at there.

Aside from SU-DH1 and Astro, there's also the Turtle Beach DSS, which does the exact same thing.
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I also wonder which of these devices are perhaps the best one, I know the processing should be similar but features and amp specs vary which are the interesting things. The Turtle Beach one looks quite interesting.

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For gaming the mixamp would be best. It's got the volume knob that allows you to control the game volume vs chat volume. Very handy if you get into lobbies where people are very loud.
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So you mean RS180 already produce 5.1 dolby surround sound without SU-DH1 and Mixamp?

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Actually I did some research and no, there is no 5.1 decoder in that receiver. So misleading, they really shouldn't market these as digital surround sound wireless headphones.

So yeah, if you want dolby headphone you'd have to get one of those 3. I think mixamp is good. I haven't read a bad review on it.
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If I use mainly for movies with 5.1 DTH sound from HDplayer, Best one still Mixamp? Are you live in Hongkong? I'm actually live in Thailand, but there is no where all of these can be found? Where have you purchase in Hongkong? Maybe I will try to visit Hongkong to get one.

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