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Vintage beyer ID help

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Can anyone tell me anything about these phones? I found them and they look interesting but I would like to know some info about them. I haven't been able to listen to them yet because I don't have an adapter. I'm pretty sure they're either a DT100 or DT150 but I'm not sure which. They aren't labeled and say only "Made in Germany" "2 x 25 Ohm" and "WK 1007". Also, as you can see, the jack looks kind of corroded, is it worth replacing it?



Sorry for the crappy pictures, it's from a cell phone camera.

I also found these quadraflex Q25 headphones which I'm pretty sure are garbage but I figured I would ask about them.IMAG0010[1].jpgIMAG0011[1].jpg


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Those would be the very rare Beyer DT480.  They have a driver similar to the DT48, but smaller.  If the pads are messed up, you can get significantly better sound by picking up some DT100 pads, which are the same dimensions.  You should be able to get a replacement plug as well.


They are pretty great sounding once they are set up right.  Enjoy!

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Aah thanks a lot for the ID! Do you think replacing the plug would help with sound quality? Also I believe there is supposed to be foam in front of the driver, am I correct? Could I use the foam from a DT100?

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That plug does look a little rough.  At very least, I'd give it a good shot of contact cleaner.  You'll probably get a bigger jump in quality by replacing the whole cable, but you could also simply reterminate with a new plug. Yeah, when I got DT100 pads for mine, they came with everything I needed for in front of the driver. 


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Alright thanks. The cable is having some connection issues at the other end too so I think I'll just replace the whole cable.

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I also have a pair of the Q-25's by Quadraflex.  Found them today at an antique shop and offered $5 for them and got the deal.  I'm curious to know the value, although I plan on keeping and using them to their full potential.  Think you can give me an estimate as to what they might sell for?? Thank you for your time!

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Quadraflex Q25s are excellent sounding headphones... Coincidentally I bought mine at an antique shop for $5 too! I also got a vintage vinyl needle thrown in with the deal.   The headphones are worth about $50 on average... $100 if ur a lucky son of a gun :)

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