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For Sale or Trade:
Westone UM3x (non removable cable)

Will Trade For: Balanced phones (will pay diff)
Will Ship To: Conus

Upgraded to a pair of ES5's and can't justify having both of them. These are fantastic sounding and I would never have given them up if I hadn't decided to go custom. As you can see they are in great condition.  Also, as you can see I got a set of UM56's for use with them and would highly recommed that, I'm used them straight out of the Iphone, out of an RSA Hornet and RSA SR-71B. I'm sure I can scare up some more tips for them. I can't seem to get any feedback here but I have 100% feedback on ebay as Stevtt1 and similar good feedback on Audiogon. Asking 250.00 plus paypal and shipping CONUS.  Could also trade up with some cash for something balanced but not to an IEM. I have that department covered.

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