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I bought a pair of UM2's when they came out (5 years ago?) and since then I've sent it in twice, once to replace the cable and once to replace a dead driver (right earpiece). The driver was replaced last year and when I got it back I noticed the left earpiece rattled when I touched it. I decided to ignore it because it didn't seem to affect the sound and it was only noticeable during insertion. In hindsight that might not have been such a wise move because today the bass driver in the left earpiece died.


So far I've dropped $125 ($33 on the cable and $92 on the driver) fixing it, I'm not sure I want to spend another $92 on fixing the other earpiece. I'm thinking it's about time to retire this pair. I don't want to purchase a $300+ pair of IEMs right now so what are good IEMs in the 100-200 dollar range? I listen to electronic (idm, house/techno, downtempo/nujazz, ambient, dnb/jungle), hip hop, and indie rock. Thanks for your time.

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