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Anyone else into DEVIL DOLL?...

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First of all let me introduce myself: my name is Demetrio, I am from Brazil, and my favorite genre is Progressive Rock. I knew about this excellent forum only today, when I received an email from my prog fellow DustyChalk inviting me to come here.

Now about the band I referred to - DEVIL DOLL -, just received their album "Sacrilegium" last week, and since them I can't stop listening to this great prog release. This group is formed by Italian and Yugoslavian musicians, and as far as I know they have released two other discs that are already on my wish list: "The Girl Who Was Death" and "Eliogabalus". As the group's name imply, the music is really very dark, full of orchestral arrangements, and the vocalist style of singing is even darker. This is just what I needed to finish my "Darker Than Dark" sampler, already featuring Univers Zero, Morte Macabre, Godspeed You Black Emperor, King Crimson and White Willow.

Anyone else into this great stuff too?
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Hey Demetrio. I have heard some interesting commentary on Devil Doll. Some people have compared them to Arcturus (La Masquerade Infernale). Do you have any information about the record company or perhaps a band's website? Obrigado.

And to another topic. Is Gradiente still in bussiness?
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Hi there, very glad to meet another prog fellow around!!!... I did some search around the Net and found Devil Doll web site. It was good you asked for it because I ended up discovering that they have even more recordings than the ones I had listed before (already added them to my wish list too). Here's the link to their web site:


Speaking of dark stuff, another great band that you might also enjoy is MORTE MACABRE. This is in fact a project joined by members of the Swedish prog bands LANDBERK and ANEKDOTEN, and they released only one album to date, the title is Symphonic Holocaus. Excellent.

Some other bands in the same style that come to mind at the moment are THE GATHERING, UNIVERS ZERO and GODSPEED YOU BLACK EMPEROR.

And as for your question about Gradiente, yes the company is still in business...

Again, glad to meet you.
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Obligado Demetrio. I'll check the site. Nice to meet you too.
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