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Etymotic - ACS or Microsonic for cutom fit program

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Etymotic has added Microsonic as a mold lab partner, in the US, for their custom fit program.   Has anyone had experience with Microsonics?


While ACS is their original world-wide partner, in the New York City area, they have 4 Microsonic associated audiologists vs. 1 ACS audiologist.    


For New York, I have read (other threads) that the audiologist associated with ACS is great.  However some people reported a problem or two with the ACS produced sleeves.  To their credit, they seem to have addressed those issues and everyone is happy.  I have not heard anything about Microsonics.


Any help would be appreciated....

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I'm interested in his too.  I just had my audiologist make molds of my ear canals (at no charge).  They use Microsonic for their products, and I am thinking about getting a set of basic ear plugs without filters and also custom tips for my Shure E4C earphones.  I believe the model numbers are #22 for the plugs and #30 for the ear phone tips.  The plugs are being quoted at $70 and the tips are $90.  This seems reasonable, but I have absolutely no experience with custom molds.  Any insight?

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I recently posted a review of my experience with microsonic.




Feel free to contact me with questions.

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While their customer service and price was great I have very mixed feelings about my ER4 Microsonic custom tips.  Even after 2 remakes/new impressions I'm back to Shure Olives.    The custom tips at first never seemed to fit right, were uncomfortable, but I eventually learned how to sit them right.   But.....here's my problem.   They DO alter the sound.  The bass/mids are pretty much indistinguishable  from the olives, but the highs are compromised.   I do not believe this is a fit issue because the low end is what seems killed with a bad fit.  All the high end sparkle/zing is gone.  Many vocals and especially cymbals have a muffled quality to them.   If I get a good fit, listen to a track I'm familiar with, then switch to Olives the difference in the highs is big enough to make me put those Microsonic tips away....


For contrast I got custom tips for my MTPC from 1964 Ears recently and they were perfect fit, 99.8% unaltered sound, and super comfortable from the get go.  (and $40 more) The silicone was noticeably different in feel and composition of Microsonic as well so that must be a contributing factor.   They feel much nicer, and while there is a super tiny change to the highs it's not a deal-breaker for me.  Besides, a small E.Q. tweak (in Rockbox) nixes that for me.   I am extra thrilled with these because I never was happy with any of the Monster tips.   After a decade if super-deep insertion of Ety foam tips of Shure Olives I couldn't stand the finicky shallow insertion of those Monster ones....


When I have another spare $100 I might get 1964Ears to make me a set of tips for my ER4


Here's a super bad picture of my Microsonic tips...IMAG0393.jpg

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Has anyone had positive experience with the custom tips or can compare ACS vs MicroSonic?



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Just wanted to post a link to this thread:


If you are having problems with the high freqs try this mod.

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I just got my microsonics custom tips today. I've only listened to them very briefly, but so far I'd say they sound great except for one thing. They seem to have a sibilant frequency I don't hear with any other tips. This isn't muffled like someone described where a hand is over your ear. In fact I'd say they sound more open and clear in a good way overall, except there is the sibilant area.

It isn't just bringing out sibilant recording properties either. The sibilant sound is in every song. It's not tremendous, but it is noticeable. I'll see how they fare after some more time with them.

They fit and seal well enough, and they seem to give me consistent sound each insert resulting in me always getting good bass without fiddling. I wonder if there would be anything they could change to make them non sibilant?

UPDATE: see this thread for more details:
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UPDATE:  I received my new customs from my remolds.


I'm going to spend the next few days with them, but I'll try to post my findings as I hear them.  So far they are much deepr and fit better.  The seal is good and the sound is much much better.  They sound a little bright, but I think it could be that I'm used to the foam and switching to silicon material.  I'll have to see once I test them more.


*Crosses fingers*

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