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For Sale:
LCD2 + extras

Will Ship To: US


SOLD. Late 2010 version (forward & angled cable entry receptacles) with the wooden case and care kit. Both stock & ADZ-5 cables included. What may make this a little different than other LCD2 sales is you get some replacement parts. Audeze sent out new metal blocks to replace the plastic ones and when I switched them I broke one of the plastic decorative screws on the top of one of sliver yoke rods. Audeze was kind enough to replace, but they kept sending the wrong parts along the way. So the screw is back in place, but you also get two extra sets (counting original plastic) blocks, two extra sets of metal yoke rods and an extra headband (if you're worried about the headband foam here's your replacement). Coupled with the extra cable you're probably set for life. ;) 


Please let me know if you have any questions. I'm moving back to Sennheiser HD800 and can't afford both while I'm also amp hunting. 



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