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I bought an Audio-gd Compass back when they first offered them for sale. About 2 years later, I noticed an occasional audio dropout - like a quick 1 second blank spot...but then the sound would return.


The Compass was being used exclusively for PC audio, fed to the Compass via USB. The analog-outs then fed my Denon amp.


I did the normal flow-chart of trouble checks - and none of my other audio sources had the same problem. I then substituted a small NuForce DAC, and had full audio, with no dropouts, from the same PC, going through the same amp. I wondered if the dropouts could be the result of voltage fluctuations, so I bought an APC voltage regulator, but the Compass exhibited the same behavior.


Not fun! But I loved the sound of the Compass, so I tried to live with it.


Now, though, it's been cutting out altogether. The audio just - stops. And it won't return an audio signal until I reboot my PC.


This may be an easy fix, which the IQ points here can help with - or it may not. I'd hate to send it all the way back to China for diagnosis.


Any ideas?


Thanks very much