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earphones durability

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Hello everybody.


I'm interested in talking about earphones durability.

Is it worth it to give a lot of money for something that will break down eventually?


I'm not an expert, but I like to have a decent quality sound. I buy earphones in range under 100$, and every single one earphones I had, broke down eventually. Usually in period of year or two. Left, or right earphone dies, sometimes fixing them by taking 'em apart and soldering the wires works, but sometimes it doesn't. Btw, I use my earphones like 5 hours daily


I had koss the plug, creative ep630, shure e2c,, d-jays, and last one that I was using was apple earphones with dual driver that died yesterday (right one to be exact). I tried to soldier the wires, but it doesn't work. I tried to put the right earphone on some other 'phones and it I guess there's something either with mic or with the jack...or somewhere in the cable...but who can find it?


So, now i'm looking to buy something new and I was wondering could more money mean more durable?



Again, I don't have a big budget and momentarily, I'm interested in shure se215 and klipsch s4i. 

But what i wanted to know, are these earphones in price range above 300$ more durable? Do they last for years? lol






















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spend more for something with replacable cable. altec lansing uhp 336(cheap and fairly good), sleek sa1, Shure se215 or some 3. probable would be cheaper in the long run for someone who frequently breaks earphone.


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