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Here is my updated report.  It will be shorter than usual due to time constraints and the lack of time I'm spending with these:


These are definitely going back to Amazon.  I just packaged them up.  I listened to them for several hours last night at work and just did not warm up to them at all.  They are quite dark, and thick, not much separation or sound stage.  I had a pair of Bose QC15's there and they could not keep up with those at all.  For the type of music I listen to, these just don't cut it.  They are good considering the size, but they are not $300 good.  Not even close.  The one area musically they shined was with newer recorded electronica music.  I played some Massive Attack and the newly released remix of Radiohead and I finally could hear good bass and clear highs.  But with my normal playlists everything was just very muddy.  So these are not for me.


They also do shine in comfort.  I usually can't wear universal IEM's for more than an hour and I wore these for several with minimal discomfort and even then just the inner ear itchiness I get.  There was no pain from insertion.  So from a comfort standpoint these are a winner.


So if you like electronica, ambient, dance/pop - that kind of music - then these might do well for you. 


I guess it's on to the 1964-EARs quads for me!

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Hi Chaps,


First post so howdy...


Just picked a pair of these up over the weekend from a local supplier here in Dublin for €150.  Pretty good deal, imo.


So, reason for buying?  I was using a pair of SE530s that were my iem of choice until recently - I succombed to the the split cable issue.  As they were out of warranty, Shure would 'only' offer a discount on a new pair and on RRP..... Grrr.  Anyhow, I had a pair of Klipsch X5's as a backup so at least I had a backup for when out and about.  I didn;t want to take the SE530's out when damaged.  As an aside, the Shures are now winging their way to China to be reshelled as Unique Melodies.  More on that elsewhere.


So, I have to admit I really do like the sound from my X5's but as an iPhone user, I wanted to have the remote on the cable.  So, when these came up at this price I decided to jump.


So far, I'm not disappointed with them.  I like the comfort and how easy they sound.  Bass is good and everything sounds clear and warm.  Interestingly, when using them with my wife's X-Series Walkman there is very obvious hiss so I'd be careful when partnering them with anything other than an iPhone.


Would I have paid rrp?  Never.  They retail here in b&m for €279 these days but there are great deals to be had. As mentioned €150 for these was about right.

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Another HUGE ... and late x10i fan. I've been on a bit of a frenzied binge lately buying all the iems I could get my hands on and I've finally landed here. I love everything about these - near perfect to my ears. As or more comfortable than Ety and the sound signature is sonic bliss. Also have a pair of x7i that are very nearly as good but can't them in quite as deep for that complete isolation.
Using both of these with medium Shure "olives" and I dare say it doesn't get any better than this. I've owned multi-driver BA, hybrids and many types of DD and the cohesiveness of this single well tuned BA beats them all (to me).
My quest is over, I've found nirvana...
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