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Originally Posted by RobinK View Post


Can you tell me about your thoughts on the X10 VS 535?

I don't know how educated I am...I only had the 535's on for a very short time.  Their sound signature didn't grab me right away...kind of a flat, dull response. 

I think these things are always very subjective.  Depends what kind of day you've had, what kind of music you listen to, tips, etc. 

To me, the Klipsch was the sound that spoke right to me.  Cheaper than the 535's too!

Sorry I couldn't be of more help, RobinK!

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I think alot of you guys on here are giving abit too much credit to these iem. They are good for the price (i got em for $170) but even then these are inferior in sound to the cheaper RE0s. They arent clear as RE0s and the bass is not very tight.

 se530s are better refined in every aspect except comfort but to each their own regarding  this.

 But dont get me wrong i love the comfort and mic control, its just that the sound is just decent.



 edit: oops forgot this was an appreciation thread, sorry guys and enjoy your x10/i//

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Never did get round to pulling the trigger on getting these despite some good offers.  There's something that I can't quite put my finger on thats stopping me.  I think it's the reports of thin cables and as I'd be using these in a work environment where catches on cable happen every now and then... 

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Originally Posted by MichaelOH View Post


In order, smokeyflames. I have had the Bang & Olfusen A8's, the Senn CX300, CX500, the PFE's from Phonak, the triple.fi's from UE, the IE8's, and now the Klipsch x10i. 

I purchased the IE8's after I lost my triple.fi's. Not because of any recommendation, just because sometimes when I lose something, rather than get the same product, I like to experiment.

I had lots of trouble finding the perfect fit with them after a while.  I tried everything...foamies in combination with silicon tips, upside down tips, triple flange tips, sony hybrid tips, etc.  After a while, the constant changing of tips and the taking them in and out of my ear gave me quite the sore inside my right ear.  Putting the phones in and taking them was extremely painful.

Also, during my run I had to replace them 3 times: Once, when the right side started to go on me.  I got a replacement pair from my retailer, that I promptly took back again, because the casing for the driver itself was cracked.  My 3rd pair, I had for about 2 months, when again...the right said started to go.  It was then that I had had enough! 

The salesman offered to let me try the x10i's, and right away...I was impressed by their clarity.  Fears that I would miss the pounding bass were quickly allayed during an in-store listening period with these.  Right away, I could tell they were nice and airy in the top, but with a round, succulent bottom end (it's always one of those isn't it?) that got my attention.  The ease of putting these small IEM's in, and the long-term comfort factor, have definitely made these babies go to the top of my list.

Hope that helped?

Ohh cool but not so cool for my wallet then. Oh yes, my ie8s cable frayed at the end when it meets the connector cable :( so now i am basically stuck without good music as i dont have a backup earphone which suks. I will take a look at these x10s and i've got the um3x rc in mind. How would you consider the x10s build quality? i wouldnt want to spend money again on some spoilt earphones and i am buying the acme replacement cable on ebay.com.sg they say its an upgrade cable and i am pretty doubtful, a hand anyone?http://cgi.ebay.com.sg/Upgrade-cable-Acme-UE-Sennheiser-IE8-SE535-425-/220783843876?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_2&hash=item3367be1a24#ht_1221wt_1127

My ie8s lasted me since febuary and i got in during the chinese new year (im asian) till now. I feel for ya especially when your ie8s kept cracking cuz it sucks when we spend huge amounts of money on a quality product and it goes down in a few months let alone half a year. I got mine second handed off my cousin at 50 sgd, not sure how much u.s dollars it is :P But having to replace your ie8s 3 times is kinda freaky, i can imagine how annoyed you were having to go through the trouble to keep repairing em. How would you compare the x10s to the ie8s? i cant go out now that the exam fever is upon me in 2.5 weeks to listen to some earphones to buy. thanks 


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After listening to the X10i for a couple of weeks, I prefer the X5.  The mids on the X10i just aren't as good and the X5 have plenty of bass for me.  The X10i is slightly more comfortable.

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dont know if its appropriate here but i too like the x5 & find it very balanced even moreso than a just sold TF10pro. had the x5 for quite a while now but never quite got into it much cos i found it a tad bass 'lite' & grainy up high with the single flange softgel silicon tips. when i sold the TF10s, i brought these oft unused x5s out & started playing 'round wit the tips.


the double flange silicons just 'did it' for me. i more than just surprised when bass got deeper & punchier and the grainy highs smoothed out....all due to a tip change! a smack me silly moment fo sho! LOL.


fits great & comforts decent. not much complaints & its def worth teh $90 i paid.

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Well finally pulled the trigger and ordered them.  Got them for £160 through amazon so hopefully no warranty issues :)


So far I've tried the following :-


Monster Turbines:- too much bass for me, would drown out the detail so would turn the volume up to get more detail etc etc


Sennheiser IE7:- quite liked these when I could get a decent fit, however the lack of isolation didn't help for when I wanted to use it, something along these lines soundwise with better fit and isolation would have been perfect.


Westone 2    :-    These I did like, could do with a tad more bass, but the hassle of over ear fit with glasses and not exactly quick and easy removal meant these were a bit of a pain to use at work where I do most

of my listening, hence the need for isolation.


Shure se215 :-  Driver failed, sent back then didn't really like the cables, plus the shells after the w2's felt more awkward.  Same issues with glasses with the cables as well.


Klipsch x2:-        Tried these more for a laugh than anything as they were cheap and was slightly surprised.  Straightforward fit (yay after the w2!),pretty good isolation.  Sounded ok too with rock and metal as long as you didn't pay close attention to the sound and let it wash over you, it was the fit and isolation of these that led me to the x10 i's. Would have tried the x5's but for some reason are discontinued in the uk :(


So there we go, my little journey through the upper mid tier I suppose.  It didn't help that a) I never could seem to get a good fit in my right ear (a common complaint it seems) and b)I need fairly good isolation to block out quite a bit of noise in the office/factory where I work.  I'm just hoping that the klipsch x10 is the answer this time.  All I'm after is something that sounds good, easy to fit comfortable to wear for a few hours and has good isolation.  Sounds easy doesn't it?


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LOL, you think the wire over the ears are a pain with Westones, I put the wires over my ears with the X10i.  If I didn't, I'd never listen to them.  The cable microphonics are so bad.  You probably weren't getting a great seal with the W2.  I have a W1 and I need to use large Shure olives to get a seal.  With the X5 or X10i, I use small Comply tips.  I get decent isolation with the W1, although not as good as the Klipsch.  They isolate well enough to use on airplanes or mass transit without bumping the volume.

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It's a fair point on the seal with the w2's.  Could never get a good seal with my right ear and as I use them at work (my main place of listening, it's the only thing that keeps me relatively sane there!)having to take them in and out occasionally (some days worse than others) made the problem worse sadly.  I'll also concede the point that the westone cable is one of the best I've used.  If there was a way of having that cable on every Iem I'd be a happy camper :)  I've found the microphonics on the image s2 (not x2 as in my original post!) fine so hopefully there won't be a problem with the 10's.



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Well got them today and all the pictures on the net don't prepare you for just how small they actually are!  Makes my Westones look massive and they aren't the biggest iem in the world either.


Not had chance to play with them much but fit doesn't seem to be a problem.  Am a little concerned about how well they'll stand up to daily wear and tear but I guess thats what the amazon refunds for right?



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My X5 was run over by a car and it's none the worse for it.  Just a few scuffs.

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Originally Posted by scompton View Post

My X5 was run over by a car and it's none the worse for it.  Just a few scuffs.

ouch that hurts just thinking bout itmad.gif! though my X5s were never run over by anything, i'd still say theyre pretty rugged iems. i've not had any of the cable fraying at stress relief points issues at all. indeed my cable (& everything else for that matter) still looks & performs as new. btw i recently discovered the biflange tips give a smoother more refined sound as compared with the standard gel tips. funnyrolleyes.gif

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I've used them for a year and a half since running over them, so it really did not damage at all.  The strain relief is split at the ear piece on mine but that's because I put them in upside down and put the cables over my ears.

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Here's mine!!



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And here's how they're sized up against the X5.



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