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There were also a ton of one hit wonders during that Golden Age I referred to before. Check out Ego Trips' book of Rap Lists for an informative and humorous look at hip hop. Best dis records, best music to pop and lock to, you know that kind of stuff.
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not rap more like hip-hop


try it
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No Eric B & Rakim or Wu Tang Clan?
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I love old school rap music, but I listen to more of today's rapper (underground ones). I like Snowgoons, The Last Emperor, Immortal Technique, Celph Titled, Apathy, Demigodz, Cunninglynguist, Deltron 3030, Binary Star, Brother Ali,  Ariano, Cormega - Testament, King Syze,  IAM, Army of The Pharaohs, Big L, and Lord Lhus. All great rappers especially Immortal Technique, you have to be smart to get some of his metaphors though.  

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Originally Posted by Deltron 3030 View Post

No Eric B & Rakim or Wu Tang Clan?

Exactly what I thought. I remember you from another thread about the D2Ks. Can you tell me how they are for Rap? Anyway, my personal favourites are KRS-One (Very intelligent and concious rapper). What i like most about KRS, is he is very intelligent, after his DJ, partner and close friend DJ Scott La Rock died after they're debut album, he started to rap about very smart topics, for example government, killing etc. And finally Big Daddy Kane. (ESPECIALLY later albums, no joke), not too much to say other then he is a very talented free-style/battle emcee. Listen to Lyrical Gymnastics-BDK and Higher Level-KRS for to understand what im talking about:). Pm if you want any other songs by him.

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Gangsta rap sucks


Real stuff:

Unspoken truth

asop rock

mos def

(old school) common


wu tang 

mast ace 

gang star

the pyarcyde 


pete rock and cl smooth 


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