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Own the 1964Ts, have heard the JH5s. And I think the JH5s are what you want, the 1964s are pretty much ruler flat with regards to frequency response. Going by the V-shape you mentioned I believe the JH5s would suit your taste slightly more than what I believe to be the rather analytical soundsig of the 1964-T. And the soundstage is not too good (although spacing and placing is excellent), JH does it slightly better. (Not as excellently as you would like though, that is slightly unrealistic with any IEM)

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Aye get JH5pro.


Wide enough is if you put two finger on top each other, atleast what i did instead of bite block.

Remember do not move your jaw under the impression, and tell them not to be so gentle.

When you do the impression keep your head at the position you normaly listen to music with your iems.


I had to refit mine because audiologist did it to gentle he might be abit new.

So i did a new impression with the store owner (a other dude ofc) and it went smooth.

It fit so good that it makes almost vacum went take them out.


All this tips was given to me by audiologist, he had done it for many years.


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Wow! Those TWAg cables are almost as expensive as the monitors... Diminishing returns I guess. In any case it is starting to sound like it's time to contact JHA and book a time at an audiologist.


BTW, has anyone had experience with ordering and shipping from JHA outside the US? Anyone from Sweden by any chance? Any audiologist recommendations in Stockholm or Gothenburg?

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OP, if you go with JH, they will probably recommend an audiologist who will have you use a bite block (UE did at the Bay Area meet) and 1964-Ears sends along a sheet for audiologists on the way to get the best impression. There's an recommended audiologist thread on here somewhere that may be worth checking out to see if there's anyone from Sweden who has a recommendation.
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I will have the first review of a new custom, the Thousand Sound TS842 which uses a dynamic low end driver and the ER4 driver for the mids/highs.  So far it is performing quite nicely for the $515 price (plus shipping and impressions).  I don't have the JH5 for comparison, but will have some other customs in the same price range in the near future (Minerva Mi-3 & DRM Earz DRM-4X) and there are many other lower cost items.  Please check out my thread (and bump it if you like it ;)): http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/541494/customs-resource-thread-summary-reviews-info-manufacturers

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