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Looking for in ear headphones in the range of £20 - £25

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Hey guys,


I recently lost my jvc marshmallows so its time to buy new headphones. I absolutely loved the marshmallows but after listening to the air cushions, fx66, i kinda liked fx66 more because it had more punchy bass and were more comfortable. I have so far tried the air cushions which i liked a lot, far better than the marshmallows. I have also tried senheisser cx300 but i found them to be too bassy and i didnt find the bass to be crisp. What i am looking for is the best i can get in £20 - £25 range and i m mostly after the sound, as long as the headphones are as comfortable as the marshmallows or the air cushions i m ok with that. I listen to quite a variety of music ranging from trance, metal to indian, pop, rock etc. As far as i think, i would like to have more bass than there was in marshmallows. I found the bass in air cushion to be better so BASS all the way! :D but not muddy bass, good crisp bass and obviously overall sound quality should be good.

I have been looking at the thread by joker, i must say hats off to the guy for such a great effort! As far as my budget goes, i come under tier 3b and prob some headphones in tier 3a. Honestly, there are so many companies that i have never heard of so i'd like to list what i think are good options for me and then you guys can suggest me on those and tell me some other if there are any.


- sound magic pl 21

- sound magic pl 30

- jvc fx 66 air cushion

- sennheiser cx300

- sennheiser cx 250

- sennheiser cx 280

- sennheiser cx 281


Then there are others that i have no clue of like koss, meelectronics, yamaha, sony. I am not sure if meelectronics and other companies listed by joker are even available in the UK but still if these companies have better headphones than the ones listed by me then please share with me thanks.



Thanks in advance guys


P.S Just remember, Crisp BASS all the way!




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bump? Come on guys, this should be easy for you!

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Care to elaborate?

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Not really.  Is a £25 iem.  *shrug*  Cheap good quality bassish iem.  Description in joker's thread.

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Thanks for the reply. Are there any other brands that would offer me better headphones? I have just been looking at meelec, it also seems like a good company. One more thing that just i got to know was sound stage. I would definitely want to have wide sound stage. 


Can you comment on the headphones that i listed also please?

Any others wanna share their opinion, really need to buy asap!



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still no replies? :(

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Radiopaq Jazz or MEElec M6


look on amazon uk or http://www.advancedheadphones.co.uk/shop/

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Thanks for the reply but i forgot to mention that no over the ear headphones, seems a bit awkward wearing those :p. How does soundmagic Pl's compare with meelecs?

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Come on guys, there should be a headphone that would beat all others at this price...anyone?

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Over-the-ear is generally the best way to ear IEMs, IMO.  It reduces microphonics significantly and makes them less likely to fall out.  It's a bonus if they're designed to be worn over-the-ear. (like the PL50 and PL30)


I like Soundmagic myself, but honestly, I think you should just carefully read the entires on joker's post for the ones you're interested in.  I have the PL50s, and I can vouch for them, but they might be a little out of your price range.  But the bass is very crisp and controlled.  While I don't have the PL30 to try out, I know it's completely different from the PL50 since it's dynamic as opposed to armature.

I can't say much for meelec though, since I've never tried any of their headphones before.

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Ok, i have been doin some more research and i have gathered more headphones.


Tier 3B

meelec m9                      £17.99

soundmagic pl21             £21

soundmagic pl30             £22

aircushion fx66                £14


Tier 3A

meelec m6                   £19.99

visang r02/brainwavz pro alpha (are both of them the same cuz on amazon it says brainwavz whereas some other sites say visang :S) £25

brainwavz m1               £24.99

visang r01                    £21.99


Just to reiterate, what i m looking for is obviously good sound quality, i like bass so id be more inclined towards more bass(heavy) and also the better the soundstage, instrument separation the better it is.



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I have been reading a lot lately! I have kind of made my mind i m gonna go with Visang r02/brainwavz pro alpha (both are available in the UK so which one should i go for, whats the difference?). Just realised it is definitely a tier above meelec m9, magics pl21 and 30, fx66 should not be even listed lol. Compared to meelec m6, some say that its better plus m6 is over the ear..visang r01 is similar but lower sound quality and brainwavz m1 has less bass so bottom line is pro alpha!


Just need a green signal from a pro and i m done!


P.S Great forum, has everything you need!

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Get some brainwavz m1 (pro alpha) or even m2 if you can afford it. They are both very good for their price and would do you well. I personally would get the m2 as it has bette build quality and better sound quality than the m1. But if you dont have the money, yeah go for the m1's.



EDIT: Brainwavz are re-branded Visangs

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I don't think there's a difference now since MP4Nation removed foam tips and ear gliders from the package.


You could also read ClieOS IEM comparison, especially the Bass section, looks like the Meelec M21 is in your price range.


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