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Turtle Beach X11 & KSC75 mod

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Decided to replace the drivers in my Turtle Beach X11s. Was wondering if it would make a difference or not. I already had the X11s, and I am satisfied with the microphone quality and especially pleased with the comfort. But the sound has been lacking!



The two headphones that will be involved in the mod.



Ear cups removed from the X11s. The X11s have this nice cloth-covered foam doughnut thing going on. It breathes and is really comfy for hours on end.



Disassembled the X11s to get to the drivers, and removed the small clips from the KSC75s



Removed one of the mesh grilles and took off the little plastic cover that hides the wiring.



Removed the driver from the black plastic plat part




Nipping off that little bit. It sticks out a bit too far, causing it to poke the other side of the shell



Both drivers are soldered in



Glued with some Cyanoacrylate. Had to remove a bit of material to get the KSC75s to fit onto the black plastic part.



Screwed back in, the driver with the microphone on the side was a slight squeeze due to some wiring and circuitry between the driver and the mic, but it still fitted



Earcups back on. SQ has improved; it sounds better than the stock X11s, but not as good as stock KSC75s, probably because the drivers are a bit further back and it sounds a little more airy than stock KSC75s.


Anyways, that was my mod. Took me about an hour to do.


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Nice mod, now I want to find an non working X11 and mod them too.

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Nice mod.

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