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Sennheiser HD 25-1 ii and beyerdynamic DT 1350 - Head-Fi TV, Episode 004 - Page 2

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Great comparison Jude. I have to say that in the very short time I had listening to your 1350, the bass and lower mid-bass didn't blow me away when driven by my Cowon S9, and I can definitely see why you'd recommend the Sennheiser for high energy music genres that need a very solid foundation. The Beyer sounded very good from what I recall with an acoustic track though. At some point I'll need to get a pair to compare to my HD650 on my HM-801 - see what a little more juice and refinement from the source can do for them.

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Thanks for the awesome review!


After seeing you using the HD25 in the last review, I thought they must be good if you paired them up with that system! I started reading up on them and purchased a pair (which by the way I got with a price match from J and R for $159! Sound Earphones on ebay also offered a sweet price of $160). Listening to your review, I was sweating bullets that I had chosen poorly, but at a $140 difference, I feel like I made the right choice, even though the DT1350 sounds like it may be a better fit for my mostly classical and jazz library.


I appreciated your description of which amps better. I'm in the process of finding a good portable amp for the HD25 and though output power doesn't mean everything, how much output power do you think I'd need to bring out their best? I've read lots of threads, and everyone seems to like the amp that they have with them, but I'm trying to figure out a little more concretely what is too little mW and what's clearly excess. If I'm buying an amp just for the HD25, what's the minimum and maximum power outputs I'd be rewarded for? I hope that makes sense...


And thanks again for the review!

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awe don't make me wna get the dt1350 now... grrr... I had the Hd 25 1-ii and I enjoyed them.  

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Nice review.. Really liking these a lot and you picked great headphones to compare. I think Portapro vs. Sennheiser px100's vs. koss ksc75's might be a good one too. Maybe one including the fischers that have been getting a lot of attention? Just throwing stuff out there, you are a great reviewer and I'll be watching no matter what!

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v Nice review!  Hopefully, can convince my brother to get the HD25-1 ii as he only listen to electronica and I can play around with it as well.  gs1000.gif

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Originally Posted by tr3vis324 View Post

Wait, just to clarify though, isn't the Adidas HD25-1 ii 300Ω versus the 70Ω all-black HD25?

Nope as I'm looking down the box and since my vintage discman can play with it, it says 70Ω, Adidas vs regular is just a cosmetic paintjob and white velour mufflers yes white, plus the blue like leather like.

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I had to listen to this with my HD25-1 II's on hahaha. Good review, after 32ohm audio gets them in*because why would they not* I may have to take a listen and decide if I wana sell my HD 25's.


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No mention of the K181 DJ or any model of the Audio Technica range. Ever tried a modified K518?

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There's also the HD25-13-ii which is the 600 ohm version.

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I guess this video review emphasized the popular portable headphones. Oh well...

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i lol'ed at the dubstep at the end biggrin.gif

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Best video so far! The intro is coming along nicely and I like the little slideshows in the the top corners during speech, although it would make more sense if they actually illustrated Jude's words. I think the titles inbetween could use a little sound as well though, the silence takes a bit of the momentum away. There are some little, but really funny, mistakes in there too. Check out the cut around 05:45 / 05:50. ;)


I always thought the Beyerdynamic was made out of plastic. It looked cheap in all the photos I've seen so far. Good to hear it's actually all-metal. I might audition this one to see if I like it better than my HD25-1 II. 

Oh and Jude, the DT1350 looks much better on you than the HD25. ;)



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Excellent work, keep 'em coming.


Also, gah I so want those blue beautys but can't have them for now x__x

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awsome 720p video, thank you :D

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thank you... smily_headphones1.gif
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