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Looks pretty solid, I'm excited to receive mine next week!


How are they on the weight?  I'm thinking about using them as a portable despite how big they are.  Does the velour hinder the isolation significantly?

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Originally Posted by R-Audiohead View Post

Looks pretty solid, I'm excited to receive mine next week!


How are they on the weight?  I'm thinking about using them as a portable despite how big they are.  Does the velour hinder the isolation significantly?

They feel lighter than the SRH 840 - so very light. They fold pretty good as well so I think it makes a great portable.


I couldn't "test" the isolation as we are having a quiet Saturday so far in the house :)


The velour is not my favorite material. Perhaps because I'm in Florida, but they feel a tad too warm for my taste.


The sound is indeed for critical listening and will be a big hit among sound engineers. Very detailed.

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Sweet.  I personally prefer detailed over "rich".


How about the sound leakage?

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Originally Posted by R-Audiohead View Post

Sweet.  I personally prefer detailed over "rich".


How about the sound leakage?

My wife auditioned them for 15 minutes sitting next to me and I did not hear a thing except when she was adjusting the earcups.



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*REVIEW* of the SRH940s.


Since there has been little discussion on the actual sound quality of these headphones so far (which is a shame), I'm going to offer my thoughts on them.


A little background on myself:

I started getting into high quality audio with IEMs, starting with Shure's e2cs. Even at that point I heavily researched the market for products I would probably like. That meant a lot of reliance on reviews here on head-fi and from all of you. It also meant a lot of time testing phones at this store here in Vancouver, BC, called the Headphone Bar. 


I've owned and sold several headphones but I've never written a review before. Past IEMs include the stock Apple crap, Shure e2c, Kilpsch S4i, NuForce NE-700M, and Shure SE535. Past headphones include Grado SR80s, and .. yeah lol. This stems from mostly being on the road. The headphones I've listened to the most (but never owned) are the Beyer DT770, Senn 650, SRH440, and SRH 840. Also have had the pleasure of using my uncle's Senn 800s (which are so musically sexy I wonder how I can ever go back to anything else) and a friend's Audez'e LCD-2s (also quite obviously top end, although I preferred the 800s). 


My portable amp of choice is the Arrow 3G ("What? Quality sound from a portable setup? That's bull****"). Take a break from your home rig which costed $10k, go to your computer and order an Arrow; cause yes, it sounds that good. If you're on the road a lot like me, stop worrying about spending money on portable gear because there really are good options out there. 


Musical preferences:


I've fallen in love with the Shure house sound. While Shure's are more or less considered reference quality and fairly neutral, to my ears they are gorgeously mid-focused; and I absolutely adore that. I like present, powerful and rich vocals but at the same time I don't want to compromise extended highs or lows. I think Shure's in general do a wonderful job to this end. It's why I only own the SE535s and the SRH940s at this very moment. 


I listen to everything; hip hop, pop, rock, prog. rock, classical, jazz, electronic, dance, vocal stuff... Rest assured I've listened to tracks across all these genres with the 940s, all at either Apple Lossless or mp3s encoded at 320kps. 


Short review: 

Based on my previous experiences with choosing earphones, these headphones were a weird purchase. I bought them without hearing them first, without reading any reviews, and at full price. Wtf? 


If you're excitedly pouring through these threads trying to find reviews and you have 10 tabs open to different online stores trying to find the lowest price, and you're just trying to find an excuse to pull the trigger, then you can stop reading... These are worth it. They sound faa-reeaking amazing. 


For all the rest of you, well.. I want you to keep reading =) 


Slightly longer review:

Build quality on these things are what you'd expect for $300. Shure has taken most of the feedback provided on the 840s and has done a good job making the 940s catered to those requests. The headband is more comfortable. They're lighter. The exposed cable is gone. The cables are still high quality. The case you get is awesome. They look better than photos suggest. Sound Isolation is a little worse with the velour pads but still good (at half volume, sound isn't going in or out while they're on my head). They still get a little hot on the ears (and I live in a cold-ish city), but I listen to them for 4 hours in a row quite a lot and it's not uncomfortably hot. I usually forget they're on but when I take them off my ears are hot. 


Below is based on listening straight out of a Rockboxed iPod Classic. No amp, no EQ. 


Highs - As others have already pointed out, the highs seem to be more extended than on the 840s. To me, this is definitely true. I have been using the SE535s exclusively for so long that the 940s completely blew me away with their high end extension. It really goes to show that the SE535s simply don't reproduce the highs as well. Now.. are the 940's highs emphasized to the point of say.. the Grado SR80s which I consider overly bright? In a word, no. For the first week of use, I wasn't sure what I thought of the highs. Was it too much? Are they really bright? Am I just telling myself they aren't cause I just spent $300? 


As time went by, however, I realized I was starting to prefer using the 940s over the 535s in situations like going to the library to study. Long and short of it is that in GENERAL, the highs are not bright. They are extended, crisp, sparkly when they need to be, and just plain awesome. 


If we start talking about specific tracks, however, I find they CAN be brighter than I prefer. Let's face it, some singers pronounce their "esses" really high and some tracks emphasize the highs. The 940s will extend these nuances reallly high. It's not enough to make me skip the track but it's enough to make me mention it here. Take it for what you will. 


Mids - True to the Shure sound I've come to love, the mids on these phones do not disappoint. They are full, present, rich, and ever so slightly forward. I liked it so much I went and got some Celine Dion (LOL) just so I could swoon over My Heart Will Go On, The Power of Love, I'm Your Angel.. Wtf would my girlfriend think? Hahaha. Just trust me on this.. If there is a talented voice out there, regardless of genre, these phones will make you listen to the song till the end.


I might be biased because I value mids over anything else but to my ears these phones reproduce the frequency remarkably well. 


Lows - Also true to the Shure sound, these phones are a little bass shy. I have never been a fan of huge bass but if it's in the track, I sure as hell want 'em to pump. To this end, I'm not gonna lie, I could use a little more thump.


That said, however, the low end extension is even lower than my SE535s, and it really is a pleasure to listen to. The 940s control lows very well; punchy with the snare drums and a nice and slow (but not too slow) decay with the addictive synths in hip hop tracks. You take the remarkable high end extension, add the butter smooth mids, and round it out with nice extended lows and you got yourself some quality sound. 


Detail - It has been suggested before that the better detail with these phones could be confused with the better high end extension. Well to my ears, they're just detailed. My point of reference over the last month has been my SE535s and in comparison, yes, I can hear more detail. You will definitely hear everything the track could possibly provide you with. There's nothing more to say, if you like your detail, these won't disappoint you. 


Soundstage - This qualification of music is hard for me to describe. I find it's always different from track to track so I can't exactly pinpoint a general opinion for it. I will mention, however, that it always sounds like I'm on a big stage; sometimes right in front of the singer or right in the middle of an orchestra. Either way, spacial separation is great and I never feel like I'm trapped in a small room. As I mentioned before, mids are slightly forward so I always feel like I'm closest to those sounds. 


Listening to the 940s with the Arrow 3G:

There are several reasons why I bought this little amp, not the least of which is the great bass circuit it provides. It's not like the SE535 or SRH940 is hard to drive in the first place, but they both benefit a lot from amping. 


Even with all the settings at neutral, the 940s sound remarkably better when used with the amp. The overall sound is much cleaner and smooth. Overly bright spots on some tracks are gone. The great mids remain. The quantity of low frequency thump is increased. 


Now, however, I listen to the 940s with this amp at Bass (1), Crossfeed (0), Gain (1), Impedence (0). With the bump in the low end these are truly a spectacular pair of headphones. There is clearly a distinction between what these phones natively impart and what they are capable of. On Bass (2), these phones are literally capable of vibrating my whole head, without losing extension or clarity. 



I mentioned before that I have listened to the SRH840s a lot; and on this note all I will say is that the 940s are equal or better in every respect (while amped of course). Better build quality, more mobile due to less weight, and better extension in the highs and lows with a little less native bass quantity. 


I want to end this by emphasizing what these headphones are CAPABLE of though. While amped, I'm getting beautifully extended highs that aren't at all bright, orgasmic mids which induced me to listen to artists I don't typically like, and low end extension which will blow my head off when a track requires it. 


Is there really more you could want out of a headphone that's not the Senn 800s (which also cost 4 times as much)? If you're excited about these, I can wholeheartedly recommend them. If you're on the fence, wait a few months till they're $250 or less; you won't be disappointed for spending anything less than $300 (honestly!). In time, the 940s could very well be the headphones to beat if they're priced at anything around $200. 


Again, I bought 'em at full price and to me it was absolutely worth it. Love 'em. LOVE 'em. 




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Great review! I'm loving mine and I agree with a lot of what you say and disagree with a few things which I will cover in my full review. Everybody hears differently and thats what makes this so interesting. The SRH940 are hands down my new favorite headphones. To my ears, they're the new standard for every headphone I listen to from this point on to compete with. You're so right about them making you listen to things you never liked before just to hear it lol. Another thing I've noticed, since getting these, I've spent less time analyzing the sound and just enjoying the music forgetting in the process I'm wearing headphones and just thinking the song is in my head. I've never done that with -any- of the headphones I've ever owned or heard... So thats saying something right there.
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Great review! You certainly will make a good reviewer. I have read that some found the 840 to be heavy on the head, did you found this to be the case with 940 ? How would you describe its tonal character ?

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thanks for that review. i will one of these days try these headphones.

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How do these compare to the Denon D2000? Same price range I want them compared to the current kings.
My main concerns are isolation, soundstage, and bass response as I hear that they have similar highs and mids.
Which is better without amping? I would use them for portables as I want to switch out of my IE7 because after 2 hours of listening my ears itch so bad it hurts and must stop listening for hours for it to subside. Thus I am looking for some circumarraul phones to treat my young, sensitive ears. smily_headphones1.gif

I was scared of fireworks when I was younger I have very sensitive ears I can hear hz responses up to 30,000 and never tested anything higher...
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Well... I just ordered from 'Earphone Solutions'... have never dealt with the company but they

have the best price with their current coupon so I jumped on them. Already have (and loved) the 440s

and had a really hard time deciding if I should have stayed with Shure or if I should have tried any other set

of closed cans. (just to try a different 'trademark' sound apart from the ones I've listened to)


Anyway, loved the pictures posted and the packaging. Hopefully the sound will be what I'm looking for

as an update to the 440s.




And keep the reviews coming... fully enjoy them.

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Just got 'em, connected them to the work laptop and.... it's definitely different than the 440s...

Notice that I've had the 440s for more than a year so I'm used to the sound...

The 940s, based on just a couple of songs sound A LOT brighter than the 440s but that's also

probable due to 'soundstage' I guess, I mean, it's like there is actually more separation now but again,

this is just after a couple of songs...


I guess I'll check back in after I've used them with my PMPs and have given them a couple more

hours. The velour pads seem comfortable enough. I don't find them uncomfortable at all.!


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I was going to buy these, but my budget just couldnt. But, the SRH-840's blew my expectations, and every headphone, I own or have ever owned out of the water, vaporized them. So I really dont see a need to push for these. Esp how great the srh 840's sound.

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Great review, i feel the same about the srh 940, i guess we both have quite similar taste to  sound signatures. :D

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Here's one from some dt48 fanatic with a HD800:



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