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Bizarre problem with PC-350's

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About a month ago the right cup just died on my Sennheiser PC-350s so I sent them back on warranty. They came back a few days ago with a note saying they tested just fine and there is nothing wrong with them, but there is something wrong with them. (I think)


Whenever I use them on my PC the sound eventually fades out then the right side just completely dies, unplugging them and plugging them back in may or may not fix this. After the right side has died on them I can try them on other devices; ipod, laptop ect and that right side will remain dead. However, if I plug them into my old television they spring to live immediately every time. The only thing I can think of is that TV has a pretty strong headphone amp but I have no idea about this sort of stuff.


Are these things faulty or could something be wrong with my PC that keeps killing the right side channel?

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Do you have any other headphones you could try out too?  Like the earbuds that came with the iPod?


Also, does jiggling the cable around a bit at the connector help?  If it does, then the cable is starting to break and it is in fact the headphones that are broken.

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Yes cheap earbuds work fine, simply playing around with the cable does nothing with any reliability. Plugging them into the TV seems to fix them immediately then I can plug them back into the PC and they will work fine from anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.



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I have the same problem with my pc-350´s. Right cup dies after a few hours of gaming. Sounds really good when both cups work though =) Guess I don´t need to send them back on warranty since they aren´t broken after all.

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