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Advice for ridiculously specific IEM situation, please?

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Hello!  I'm new to this forum and really enjoying browsing the boards, but I was wondering if I might ask a bit of advice on a specific circumstance I've found myself in.  I recently got a new job (yay) playing cello with an electric string quartet that performs with IEMs (connected to wireless pacs).  The group has provided some for me (I don't know the model, unfortunately), but I am having problems with both fit and sound.  I'd like to get myself a set that is $200 or less, and I'd love some advice on which to get given the following:


- They're for performance, not passive listening, so clarity is more important than overall blend.  I am not being very eloquent here, but I hope my meaning is clear.


- Currently the low register of the cello is coming through so distorted that it's more a buzz than anything else.  Intonation is nearly impossible to make out at times.  I'd like something with a warm, clear bass sound that will also not be tinny with the violins.


-  My ears are ridiculously small.  I have never found earbuds that stay in them, even the smallest ones I saw in the store.  I've read a number of suggestions here, such as the Comply Tx-100 tips, cutting the third bit off of tri-flanges, and a few other things.  Not sure what would be best in this case.  Comfort is also key, as I'll be wearing them quite a bit and often for long periods of time. 


 - Bonus if they're made to go cord over the ears, as we try to keep the cords hidden behind our hair, and also the left cord dangling down sometimes gets caught on the pegs of the instrument.  Not as important as the other factors, but would be nice. 


I know some of these things have been discussed many times, but the performance context and the instrument and everything else together made me think (hope) that this could be worthy of its own post.  Any help would be really appreciated.




P.S.  If anyone wants to also throw in their favorite headphones for recording acoustic cello and vocals, I'd appreciate it.  Don't want to make too many posts on my first day.   :)

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Welcome to the Forum.

I believe you are looking for something very specific  being  a musician plus with small ears...

I wish I could help you with an advice but I am afraid it ain't be easy to find something in this price range which may fit your criteria.

Have you checked Fisher Audio DBA02?






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Cello is definitely one of the most difficult instrument to reproduce on any IEM, the fact that it is string and requires a very low register. Take a look at VSONIC GR07 here and here, it seems to fit most of your requirement.

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Have you ever considered that some of the sound issues you have are due to the wireless receiver, not the IEMs?  The buzzing issue you have sounds like wireless distortion, but then, I don't know what kind of equipment you have.


Anyway, a good monitor IEM that was recently released is the Vsonic GR07.  It's apparently very comfortable, and non-fatiguing.  I actually ordered a pair myself, and they should be here in the next day or two. :P


But they're designed to be professional stage monitors, for a price point lower than your average stage monitor, at about $150.  To get any better than them you'd probably need to get customs, which would be the ultimate choice, but they are exorbitantly expensive to get ones that fit your criteria.  Well over your price point.


I do have a small collection of cello music (mostly Jacqueline Dupre), so I could give it a listen when they arrive, if you want.  For the record, they are over-the-ear.

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TBH, I've never tried customs, but maybe you could look into Kozee X1


They're the cheapest customs I've heard of. Customs are molded just for your ears, so there shouldn't be any fit problems (if there are, you just send them for refit). Unfortunely, I've never read about their sound quality.


From the ones I've tried, Phonaks are quite small and they fit easily and comortable. And for now, maybe because I'm discovering new sound signature, but I'm listening more to them than to M50, which are becoming studio standard (eg. Flying Lotos and Neil Peart use them), and quite a few sound engineers use them for some purposes ( http://www.audio-technica.com/cms/happenings/8348746d4fb8725b/index.html/ ).

One think I can think of that can bother you is their isolation - not on par with customs, but still considerably better than closed back HP.

Hope I helped in some way, cheers

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id say try finding a set of SE530's, may just make it with your budget and if not try for a SE420 or UM2

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Okay, I just received my GR07s.  Cellos sound amazing with these!  It sounds like I'm right in the room with the cello.  I'd definitely recommend these.



...if you're still alive, that is. :P

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