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Originally Posted by DigitalFreak View Post

svyr I usually keep my mouth shut when it involves other peoples problems but in this case I choose not to. First of all it shouldn't be "whatever I guess" it should be hey clown give me back my cash. If it was me I'd be busy writing some terse emails to some of the mods on here to let them know that one of their sponsors is acting in an undignified manner and has cost members of the community their hard earned money. Next I would quietly email all the people I knew on here and make it known that they should avoid AudioGD like the plague. I would then follow up and keep an eye on the AudioGD profile page and go out of my way to post about the shabby treatment I received on every single new thread that AudioGD starts or has started in the past so more members on here know how crappy the customer service from AudioGD is. In short I'd make those 30 bucks the most costly 30 bucks AudioGd took from me. 


lol... I'm disappointed, not vengeful and borderline insane and prone to digital stalking. Besides from experience those threads will be full of fanboys with highly developed selective reading skills biggrin.gif ...Currawong is aware of my issues with Audio-gd, and offered to contact Kingwa for me, but I don't think it warrants any involvement from head-fi administration.

Would've been $60 biggrin.gif ... If they also took off the fees for their side of the transaction.

Look, as much as it is a matter of principle, can't be bothered anymore for now. Don't get me wrong. I've already tried asking nicely, asking sternly, verbally abusing, threatening and partially fulfilling my threats by posting to this threat. Seems like only the last one works, since I got a refund within what 12 hours after doing that.

I'm sure I'll get back to the 10WM issue when drez gets his power filter and can test whether his 10ES with the same problem is fixed by a power filter/conditioner. If not, I will be seeking an alternative explanation from Kingwa and/or posting a combined review of 10ES/WM referring to the problem smily_headphones1.gif
audio-gd to me
show details 7:12 PM (53 minutes ago)

Dear Vlad,

We had sent the USD882.7 choice the "Gift" option,but as we said when the refund arrived your site,Paypal maybe will deduct some money direct from the refund as the fee,and we do not know how much will Paypal deduct,thanks.And if when the refund arrived your site is USD852,that we think is Paypal had deduct USD30.7 for the handling charge.Thanks


Yea... that's really worth the $30 biggrin.gif....

I think posting to the thread and letting people know Edwin is incapable of performing the most basic tasks even if you tell him 5 times to add-up the damn gift fees before sending the money...or is playing dump is damage enough/will already cost audio-gd more than $30. So I'll just go meh, *facepalm* and feel sorry for audio-gd still keeping him employed despite the level of service he provides. Hopefully after the thread audio-gd at least quotes the real build times. Anyway, why pick on audio-gd why they're more than capable of shooting themselves in the knee biggrin.gif...
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I thought the whole point of sending funds with a gift option is to avoid fees altogether.  Maybe it's different outside the US?  I'm not sure but something smells fishy.

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Originally Posted by sphinxvc View Post

I thought the whole point of sending funds with a gift option is to avoid fees altogether.  Maybe it's different outside the US?  I'm not sure but something smells fishy.

cross border transactions are free in certain cases (payment method), but either way the seller decides whether the buyer pays the fee or they do. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_display-fees-outside
Audio-gd did not choose wisely biggrin.gif ...
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In any case, my sympathies man for this mess.



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I usually hate to sling mud, but when they're got 700 dollars of my money and haven't contacted me for 5 days after they received my defective unit it's time for it to fly. 


I ordered a NFB-10SE (payment clear on the 28th of September). I was never informed of shipment and never received tracking. Getting in contact with them about any information is like pulling teeth. Anyway...it arrived DOA. I immediately contacted them and worked out sending it back. They didn't want me to mail it back FedEx (what was convent for me). So I had to go out of my way to get the thing mailed. It cost me 84 dollars to mail it and I was promised that would be refunded as well when my return was processed. 


It has been 5 days since they got it (they missed the first delivery and never informed me of the second). No contact has been made since they received it. I've sent 3 emails and a PM on Head-fi. 


I'll be going through PayPal if necessary, but if I do that I'll be losing my 84 dollars for shipping it back. Ridiculous. 


If I'm forced to PayPal I will never even think of another Audio-gd purchase...and anyone that asks me for recommendations will be advised again them. I see tons of positive feedback for them, but even if all goes well it seems communication is terrible. 


EDIT: I could give a full detailed list of events in a PM if anyone is interested, but I feel that to be unnecessary here.

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Just what's going on with the QA and customer "service" at this company, really?


I bought DSP-1 (v5) for DAC-19 to upgrade it's existing DSP-1 (v3) in the late summer. I received the unit fine and all, but something seemed to be wrong with the stereo image. There seemed to be some kind of channel imbalance, as the left channel sounded more promiment than the right channel. After experimenting with mono-recordings, reverse cabling and swapping old DSP to confirm I wasn't losing my mind, it was clear that the issue was always related to the new DSP with settings changing it's oversampling levels or even it's operation (bypass).


Finally after being in contact with Audio-gd on email, trying to find a remedy for the issue in various ways, the decision was made to RMA the unit back to the Audio-gd for testing, on... the 13th of September. Yep, that is about two months ago by now.


Audio-gd told to contact me after they would have received the shipment. After waiting for about three weeks, I decided to ask if they had received the shipment (I didn't use tracking service as it would have quadrupled the postage cost). I didn't get an answer back to my email (other than the automated response). Waiting for almost another three weeks and once again, I didn't get a reply, making me think that the shipment has been lost already.


After my third email, sent after seven weeks since the RMA, I finally received a short email that telling me a tracking number for DSP-1 on EMS-shipment. Nothing was mentioned about if the unit has been found faulty, replaced or just send back as I send it to them.

I'll keep waiting the shipment, only to find out from the tracking today that it was delivered to my parents address - to another town - which was truly interesting as I had not mentioned of my old address in emails regarding to DSP-1 RMA. Probably someone dealing with this case had just checked the old emails from the archives and decided to use that for the delivery address.


After calling back to parents to check out the contents of the parcel, I heard that there was nothing else inside the parcel than the DSP-1 packed within a foam. No notes about what has been done in past two months to the unit - or if anything has been done at all. Simply nothing. First time for me to go through RMA-process without even knowing what's the outcome. My hopes for the unit to be working flawlessly are quite down at this point, and I'll only find that out after a week goes by.

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