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For Sale: FS (EU): Klipsch Image One

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For Sale:
FS (EU): Klipsch Image One

Will Ship To: Anywhere

The Klipsch Image One seemed like the perfect portable headphone. Its cable remote works great with Idevices. Bass can be a little abundant at times, which works great while out and about though, drowning out street noise. At the same time, mids and highs are amazingly clean and clear. But again, their size and ergonomics seems to be incompatible with my ears. And again, this means that they're practically new. Of course, all the accessories are included. Asking for EUR 75 plus shipping.

Klipsch Image One



I'd always wanted to try the PL50s and when I had the opportunity to buy them from a fellow European headfi'er, I jumped at the chance. They ARE relaxed sounding and airy, as has been stated over and over in reviews. But compared to my SE420, TF10 and SA6, they don't get enough head time to justify keeping them. They're still in flawless condition and come with all the original accessories plus an additional two sets of Shure olives that the original owner had added. Asking for SOLD.

Soundmagic PL50


The Klipsch Custom 3 look great. And encouraged by ericp10's glowing review, I went thru the hassle of buying these from abroad, because they were never officially released in Germany. They sound warm and lush, yet detailled, but I can't for the live of me get proper fit with them. I even bought black Complys, hoping for improvement, but alas, no luck. The Custom 3 are the only earphone I've ever encountered this problem with. Your gain though, because they're practically new. Included is the complete set of original accessories plus the aforementioned three sets of Complys. Asking for SOLD.

Klipsch Custom 3



Both Klipsch are still covered under warranty. I accept Paypal for int'l orders. Bank transfer is fine for Europeans too and local pickup is available, if you happen to be in Berlin, Germany.


Let me know if you have anything interesting to offer trade-wise. I'm stil tempted to try the eq5/eq7 (funds added on my side of course, if needed) or MTPCs for example and looking for an 80 GB+ portable DAP.

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Sale pending on the Custom 3s.

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Custom 3s are sold, price lowered on remaining gear.

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final price adjustment, I'm not going lower than this.

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Hi, i will pay 30euro including shipping to Denmark. Otherwise the price gets too close to the price i can get them for from an online shop.


Is 30euro acceptable ?

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PL50 are sold. To celebrate the occasion, I decided to lower the price on the remaining Image One a little bit. Open for interesting trades as well, such as Fiio E9 or ZeroDAC 09.

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I have an opportunity to get a Fiio E9 locally, but I need funds to.. well.. fund it.


I've lowered the price on the Image One for any quick takers, but it would have to be this weekend. Price is going back up to 80 on monday.

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