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Well I ordered mine on december 8th 2011 and on the two month anniversary of the order, and numerous emails to dmitry later, he finally replied and told me they must have gotten "lost" in international shipping and offered to refund my purchase. He promptly did so and I still haven't gotten the FA-011s :( I'm waiting on frogbeats to restock, but as for gd-audiobase, I would not recommend them to anybody. I'm just glad I got my money back.

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don't trust him. I think he actively tries to steal from some of him customers or sets it up so people will forget about it or get fed up and move on.

I ordered a Fa-011 back in septermber 2011, payed with moneybookers and haven't gotten it or my money back until today :( I am too patient and trusting. When i complained in november 2011 , he still was like ohh your order doesn't say it is paid for , but the money is on moneybookers. Then he offers money back or the headphones. I choose wrongly? for the headhones and after that you hear nothing from him for months again. Last time i heard from him a month ago, he was like he would check thing out again, but then he doesn't reply again. When i replied with a different email, he replied quickly, figures eh. But he just said you're order is set on payment pending , so you haven't bought anything. order and pay if you want one grrrerrrrrrrrrrr even sent him the moneybookers id multiple times.


so i would say dont buy from the guy. Get it somewhere else !!

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For what it's worth, I'm in the states and ordered my Eternas from them three weeks ago today and got them Monday, with no email confirmation or anything from Dmitry and they work great. Not nearly as painful of an experience as others had actually.

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well i finally got my money back. wonders aren't out of this world yet. Don't know if it is becuase i am a spiritual healer and sent him bad energy :D But i do think so. I also complained with moneybookers. They start a compaint even thought 6 months have past. But offcourse unlike paypal they won't repay stolen or lost goods i think.


But if you have trouble with dimitri, keep on mailing and complaining, even thought he doesn't reply. And he probably becomes fed up with it. he likes it easy ;)


Now i am still without headphones. Becuase of the long wait i bought a second hand akg k-702. But i have a parfume allergy and the seller sprayed parfume on the headband and parfume washed the earpads really really well :O I soaked and washed them alot for 2 months and they still smell. 36 euro for new earpads sighh The earpads can easily be washed thought, they stay really good after all i did to them.

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Just ordered a DBA-02 MKII with gd-audiobase a day ago, only managed to find out this topic after payment made. eek.gif Got worried and emailed Dmitry to ask for tracking number, got a reply on the next day saying it will be ship out by early next week. So far so good, hopefully promises will be kept, will update status later on. ksc75smile.gif

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Originally Posted by ethanyong View Post

Just ordered a DBA-02 MKII with gd-audiobase a day ago, only managed to find out this topic after payment made. eek.gif Got worried and emailed Dmitry to ask for tracking number, got a reply on the next day saying it will be ship out by early next week. So far so good, hopefully promises will be kept, will update status later on. ksc75smile.gif

Mine arrived this morning, after a order on March 12th. I was in the same situation as you, I ordered as the were the cheapest, then I found this thread and was very worried about the order. Although it all worked out in the end there is a complete lack of transparency, this is a rundown of the 'communication' between GD and me.


March 12th - Purchase 

March 14th - Order Confirmed



April 11th - Arrived


I didn't receive shipping number or confirmation, even after 3 attempts to contact Dimitri, I thought my money was gone!

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Dmitry had sent me an email to inform me that the earphones had been shipped out on 11 April after order confirmed on 5th April. I'd asked for the shipping tracking # but so far no news yet (2 days), Finger crossed that I would end up well like you as well.confused_face(1).gif

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Just received an email from GD Audiobase for my tracking number. So far, it seems like GD Audiobase is a legit distributor. Can't wait for my DBA-02 Mkii to arrive ksc75smile.gif

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I ordered a pair of refurbished FA DBA-02 which I did get after a while.


Ordered - 24 March.

"Shipped" - 28 March

Tracking number - 14 April

Delivered - 16 April


Unfortunately they were in a bad shape. One of the speaker pipes had been deformed and all the tips were covered in ear wax (I'm not kidding).

I guess that's what you get when you are cheap and buy it refurbished, but for me refurbished means restored to a new state, not damaged second hand.


I've contacted Dmitry and asked him if I can return them, let's see how that goes.

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Finally my DBA-02 mkii has arrived. It took me slightly more than a month to get this since I'd ordered.....


Ordered 5th April

Shipped 12th April

Tracking number given 13th April

Received 9th May


Actually, I'd been tracking my shipment almost everyday since I had the shipping number. To be honest, I don't think the long delivery period is Dmitry's fact Russian post alone took 3 weeks to ship out the item  (transfer to multiple collection center and long custom clearing period) and the date of items getting shipped out of Russia is 1st May.


Only used the DBA-02 for merely 2 hours and really loving it. It does sounds a bit similar to Brainwavz M4 that I owned, but better in the mids and the highs. The overall sound is quite balanced (unlike slightly V-shaped M4) and the highs are more rounded (do not have the slightly harsh highs that M4 owned). I'm quite surprised with the bass as I thought it would be non-existent as many has claimed, in fact it is very punchy and impactful and more than sufficient for my liking (maybe I'm not a heavy bass head), for me the quantity of bass is very close to what the M4s have (maybe less by a tiny bit). For people who liked M4 should like DBA-02 IMHO. I'm not sure about how durable is DBA-02 MKII (I guess pretty tough judging from the build quality) but I think it should beat M4 hands down (most fragile earphone I'd came across with, maybe due to my rough handling....).

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Ordered a pair of DBA-2 MKII and a pair of Tandems from GD Audiobase back on April 29th.


I guess the 1 month wait for shipping  to the US is mandatory.

Anyway, starting to worry and have emailed him a couple of times with no response. 

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I would love some advice or reassurance here. I managed to order a pair of Fischer Audio FA-011s through the GD Audiobase store about 3 and a half weeks ago, and am concerned I've wasted my money - I know the Russian postal system will throw up its own challenges. More worrying is that I have not had a reply from any of the emails I've sent over the last 10 days to confirm the status of the order. In limbo or headphone purgatory at the moment... Do I need to be patient and assume they will arrive, or seek refunds etc through the Moneybookers credit agency? Reading other posts it's just not clear whether to trust GD Audiobase or not - certainly they (Dmitri?) are making things nerve-wracking! 

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Been over  a month and no earphones or return email reply.

Yes, I'm nervous as well.

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Hello Carlsan - is it the DBA-2 MKII and Tandems you ordered at the end of April? If so that's worrying. Read elsewhere that people have eventually had a reply to emails, but GD Audiobase seems deathly quiet at the moment. Really hard to know how to proceed. Tempted to flood their inbox, but then they might do the same back etc etc. Or maybe go straight to Moneybookers. Is 2 months the maximum wait before next steps? 

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Yes, that is correct. May attempt the refund beginning of next week, or wait another week, until after a trip I'm  taking. The later will land me pretty close to the 2 month mark.

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