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Well I have now sent 5 emails with no response.  The last email response from Dimitry was April 30th.  Everyone of emails since has not been responded to.  IS there anyway to getmy money back from moneybrokers or should I try to call my Visa credit card.  I'd put our chances at receiving a product at slim to none.    

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I would contact your credit card company because I doubt Moneybookers will even give you the time of day since you aren't their customer.

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Hi guys,


Some updates on my story: after making an account on Moneybookers totally independently of the GDaudio site, I tried to make the payment again on the GD audio site. As before, I was sent to a moneybookers page, but this time it recognised my email! So the moneybookers website recognised me and asked for the password I created independently on moneybookers. This made me feel a lot better already: GD audio could not possibly know about this password. It took a while, but now I have received a Russian post tracking number from gdaudio and a Russian friend translates the status for me from time to time. It seems to take long, but I'm holding on to the benifit of the doubt: my headphones should arrive soon!





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Got my DBA-02 after all the delay. Only problem is that the left channel is louder than the right and there is a hiss with the left piece so looks like I'm going to have to send it back.

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he's ok (also a DBA-02 problem, also sent back). Just don't expect to get them any time under 3 months biggrin.gif ... and consider the possibility of having to send them back on a fault, pay for shipping and wait for a refund for another 1-2 months biggrin.gif
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Hearing of DBA-02 defects is making me sad. I ordered a pair (along with some SB's as a gift) from Dimitry Mar 29, sent an email asking about status on May 13th, which wasn't answered directly. A co-worker of mine from Russia was all set to call him on my behalf on May 20-21, and then I received an email with a tracking # on May 21, stating that my package had shipped on .... May 21. FFS. 2 months to get it out the door?


At least the Russian Post site says the parcel has been exported, but I will be beyond pissed if my DBA-02's are defective, once they arrive, 3 months after I ordered them.


My previous order of just a single pair of silver bullets, say 7-8 months ago, took about 6 weeks from order to delivery but was satisfactory. This has been not so much, so far.


Does Fischer Audio just not produce many pieces per run and this guy (along with the guy in Canada) are just at their mercy? I'd considered wholesaling for them in the USA if I thought it wasn't just going to suck, but it seems with their constant non-availability it'd be a losing proposition.

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I've been screwing around with the GD Audio Base site and found that the two discount codes advertised on the site do not work, even after I went through the trouble  of registering, which I regret doing. At least I didn't provide and CC info. My inclination is to avoid dealing with these people.

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I received my FA-003s on Saturday. Once they shipped they arrived in a week. Good packing, no damage. I ordered them on April 15th and got them on May 27th. It took a while, but i'm satisfied.

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I ordered the DBA02s on May 8th from GD Audiobase and just got them today (June 1).

No problems with them. The package was in good shape and they work fine.


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Helloo folks! 


You can guess by my up-tone intro: They hàve arrived! After the package passed Russian customs, things went véry fast. They're sitting next to me now, I can't wait to get home and plug them in. It took quite some time, but I think it will have been worth the wait. I have the impression that Audiobase is indeed very dependent of the batch-supply from Fischer audio. 


Anyway, I'm happy (unless it's defect, of course,but I refuse to accept that possibility)





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A friend of mine ordered them and received them the same day i did.  One of my emails about shipping was not answered, but they were shipped the next day.  As a small business owner myself who is not good at time management, i suspect that Dimitry may be like me. Not a bad fellow or a crook, but just bad at juggling.  Eventually, your balls end up where they need to be.

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I'm the friend that bearcatsandor mentioned. I did get them the same day (I i was late to the post office and didn't get to pick them up until Wednesday. They are great though! I have a feeling that they only stock one or two at a time. When bearcarsandor ordered his, they went out of stock again and I couldn't order until they came back a few days later. It did take a month but I finally got them. I have seen this kind of thing on an Indy comic book online store so so it is not unlikely that Dmitry just has a lot to do and can get somewhat behind, not to mention it is an overseas order. smily_headphones1.gif
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I have to chime in here to say that I did finally receive my order, 2 months after it was placed. The order sat to be shipped for 6 weeks. This part is unacceptable to me.

Once the parcel had actually hit the door it only took 10 days to get here so as I am pleased by the shipping time, and am pretty overwhelmingly disappointed by the delay in shipping.

Either gd didn't have in stock what they were advertising to be in stock or they just didn't fulfill my order for 6 weeks for no reason. Either way I'm displeased.

Once the product got here the dba's were fine, and the sb's are a gift so other than the packaging being intact I cannot speak to their quality.
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It's sad that it took so long to get to you. Keep in mind that it may not have been 'sitting on a shelf' for 2 months. It might have been sitting in customs for that long though and that's not in Dimitri's control.

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Ordered my gear 3 weeks back, 1x fa03 1xfa011 1xha02. Their website is down for some time now, dmitry is not replying my e-mail, and I have no tracking number. I've contacted my CC to ask for their advice, and they said they would try to contact him on my behalf.

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