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For Sale: ESW9, LNIB in Box

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For Sale:
ESW9, LNIB in Box

Will Ship To: Anywhere

Hi folks!


My wife and I went a little... overboard with Vinyl stuff on our recent trip to Montreal, and that means that these guys are to be sold as the funds have to be directed into our Vinyl setup. 


They're brand new: purchased on April 6th from Adorama, and are entirely LNIB. They saw minimal usage and sound fantastic. They are VERY new stock, as the stamp on the box lists them as 2011.


I'll be posting photos of them when I get home tonight, but I figured why not throw the FS up a little earlier?


My reputation here is sterling, and I will go to any lengths to make sure you're happy with your purchase. I prefer PayPal, and I am more than happy ship nearly anywhere in the world provided that you're willing to pay the shipping costs. Of course, anyone willing to pick them up in person at my Williamsburg office in Brooklyn is fine as well. 


I'm selling them for $180, and that price is firm. 

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Here we are, some pictures. Not the greatest, but they get the point across: these are mint.


Pardon the dust, any markings you see on the cups are dust, and not a dent or a ding.



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I've adjusted the price to $180. I won't be going any lower, but I'd like to move these. 

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Can't wait! XD

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these still up for sale?


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Long gone. 

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