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[REQUEST] Best Portable Headphone around 80$

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 At first, sorry for my bad English. So, i plan to buy a portable headphone for listen to music with my iTouch. I really like Koss Pro DJ100, but i came from Asia so i'm quite small (short, about 5'3 and skinny). The DJ100 seem to big for me, so i wonder if you guy can help me with this.


I need a headphone, not to big with closed design for listen to music at work, and of course, with really good sound quality, no need style much. I usually listen to every kind of music, like Rock, Pop, Dance,.... and some classic and ballad. But i like bass, good bass, not to much like Porta Pro. So, i really hope you guy can help me with this.


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Denon D1001 L3000.gif


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Denon 1001 like above are nice and comfy, sounds pretty especially with mods.  Though I don't think they are sturdy enough to be an everyday/every application headphone (might break under heavy use/abuse).


You use to be able to find AT M50's for around 100 give or take, and they have very good base and much more sturdy construction.  Might give those a look. 


Joker here also had a nice thread with a bunch of portable can reviews too somewhere, might have a quick read of that to get some ideas.

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Thank you munkyballz. I have found the V6', and i really like it. Overall, this headphone is so good and has no cons except the coiled cord. But i wonder if V6' can run with iPod Touch Gen 4? I searched some forum and they said this thing need amp and i just have the iPod Touch. So..?
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i came here to say how amazing the V6 is, but seems like Im late.

very fun headphone, i like it for portable more than the m50 (dont kill me!) the only con is the cord, too large and bulky.


and i dont think it needs an amp, i ran it directly from my zune and it was OK.


big bonus: they are tough as few, the cups are aluminium, and overall very good build quality.


check out Joker's Shootout if you need comparisons

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Hehe :P i just found it from the internet. And it's really good. And Thank you too, JamesMcProgger. I was worry about V6' sound with an portable like ipod. I thought this thing need amp to show the true quality. I also found that the V6' sound too "dried", not "smooth" and they are too detail so they should be use on a studio :P. How about your? Oh, and they also said the pad from V6' is not tough and will "fall" after 2-3 month. Is this true?

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yes true about the pads, i have mine for over 3 months now and the pads are ok tho, but it will sure be the first thing to wear out.


amazon has replace pads, dont remmeber the price.


I thought the sound was fun, v shaped but nice mids, read this: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/433318/


it is an amazing comparison, and you can ask Joker for recomendations, hes a nice guy.


btw i use them without amp or with one, and yes they get a tip better. but is the same with most headphones i believe.

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V6 is great at that price, however it is NOT PORTABLE. The cord is high quality, but it is super long (!) and coiled.

You wouldn't want to walk around with the cord dangling all over the place. It is a great headphone for sit down listening. In fact, it might the most popular radio/DJ headphone in America due to its long history, high quality and low pricing.
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I agree on the cord, but it isnt that bad, i have the same problem with ATH-M50 and Denon HP700. but yes, they all could be more portable with a shorter cord


btw i cut off the cable and made it detachable, although a simple cut and resolder a new plug would be easier. its more portable now but i still used to carry it around before



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V6 is in top 5, and DJ100 in top 12 :P Yes, i knew about the cord. But if you see "shoot out", you will see that the most headphone in top have a long cord. So i don't mind about it. So I guess V6 is the best headphone for portable user like me :P (except the cord, everything about this headphone is super great and i love it very much)
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I've had my Japanese made, mdr7506 (more or less the same headphone as the mdrV6) for about a decade. It's definitely one of my favorites, and a best buy among similarly priced closed studio cans. The coiled cable is actually one of the best things about this headphone. It's super durable (though the jack might not last as long).


However, there are a few small cables exposed as you can see in the Progger's pictures above, and you have to be careful not the get those caught when you fold up the headphones since this is a point of failure.


Also, comfort might be an issue as the pads can be sweaty, and tend to disintegrate after a few years. Just swap them with the beyer dt250 pads and you should be able to listen to these long time.

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