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Hey guys, I bought the UE 700's about a year and half ago. I loved their clarity and treble response, but they were really lacking bass. I was thinking it may be a time for an upgrade. I was going to sell my UE 700's (let me know if you are interested. I broke them just before the warranty expired 1 month ago and got new pairs from warranty, barely used them ever since. Looking for around $105.) and buy some new ones in the price range of $200-$325. I listen to primarily: Electronica, Techno/House, Rock, Alternative, Reggae, and some Hip-Hop. Obviously many of those genre's incorporate tons of bass into the music, which was lacking in the UE 700's. I was wondering if you guys could aid me in finding a pair of earphones that have the same or better clarity and treble as the UE 700's, but with better bass response. I have been looking into Klipsch Image X10's, Shure SE530's, UE Triple-Fi's (I have tried them before, they are ENORMOUS) and Sennheiser IE8's. Any help would be great!


Thanks in advance!



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