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It really depends on what kind of rock your listening too, and what aspects of rock you tend to focus on. Personally when I listen to rock I listen to stuff like audioslave alot, which ultrasone does alot of justice to. However if your listening more to the classic rock type I gotta say that grado is the way to go. I spent a good hour listening to hendrix on a pair of 325i's and the guitar really took center stage in an amazing way. But I personally found grado's to be unbearably uncomfortable to warrant a purchase.


Perhaps if you love soft rock or want to focus more on details than an engaging fun sounding headphone then some sennheiser hd600's might be a fantastic match for you, I've only heard the hd650 but I've read that many people around here prefer the hd600 with their rock.

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Want great upper mids? Try Koss Pro DJ 100

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hmm..the music i'm listening to is mostly modern rock..like my chemical romance, linkin park, muse, simple plan, etc.. and when listening i'd like to "feel" the vocal and the electric guitar at the same time.. hmm, i think i'm getting the hd 25-1 ii originals.. it's widely appreciated here, can be used for portables, and have this very cool looks..


the reason i'm not getting open cans like grado is because i already have ad700 (open cans) and i found out that it quite bothers my roomate when he's sleeping or studying.. so i'm looking to get the closed ones this time..


i'm still open for suggestions if you still have..particularly i want to know whether the senns are suitable for my music needs..

and sorry for my poor english..


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The only 'Grado' I've owned is the MS-1, which I know isn't on the level of some of the higher-end models. But, I don't really find it to be as impressive for rock as I'd heard. It's great for lending energy to pure guitar solos, but for most rock I also want clarity and instrument separation (even if it's not as important as for other genres). Whenever there are multiple instruments playing, the MS-1 seems to lose the ability to bring out the special qualities of the tone of each one. Seems like it would work better for either spare arrangements or 'walls of sound' where you aren't picking out individual parts anyway, but struggles more with the stuff in between.


Of course, I haven't really found a great rock headphone yet. Out of what I've heard I've generally preferred IEMs, but I'm sure that the right full-sized phones would have enough of an advantage in bass impact to make them preferable. 

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