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Awww, I loved the US version.
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Guess the speculation will pay off soon. Wii successor has been announced for a 2012 launch with a playable demo at E3.

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Originally Posted by EddieE View Post

Re the rumour of it being styled on the Super NES, if true,  really hope it is the nice rounded European design rather than the uglier angular one...



Super NES? Whats that? is it better than an Xbox 360? Also, can it play Call of Duty or Halo? Because those are the best games in the world.


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Hope its one you can play while sitting down and lay back on bed with a controller in your hand, not moving around and waving arms like stupid. rolleyes.gif

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+1 I really never got on with the Wii or gimicky motion control stuff in general.


If half of what has been leaked by the developers who have received kits, you will certainly be able to do that - it apparently has standard controls and a large screen in the pad that you can stream the game to without even having your TV on - which if true is pretty cool.

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Few more rumours out there. One utterly ridiculous one says the touch screen will be able to mimic different textures (utter bull or I'll eat my hat), another says it wont have a hard drive but a bit of flash memory - that's very believably Nintendo... Unless they are planning to use cloud (which would be quite a good idea) then that's a big mistake... exactly the kind Nintendo tend to make...

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Not sure how much the lack of a hard drive affects Nintendo. Their online strategy has been traditionally terrible and they've shown no indication that they'll be moving towards digital distribution of full retail style games. Long as Wii 2 continues to have SD card support (even 32 GB cards are fairly inexpensive at ~ $50), it should be sufficient for DLC and XBLA style games.


Performance wise, X360 gets along just fine without drive installs and the main reason that PS3 needs them is due to terrible Blu-Ray access speeds. A few gigs of high speed flash for on the fly game caching would provide most of the performance benefits of an internal hard drive at a lower cost with less of a reliability hit.


Cloud storage would be a pretty terrible idea at the moment. There just isn't enough bandwidth for most users to stream game content from the cloud beyond simple Flash/iOS style games.

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The finished article:




Not bad at all.


Got to note that although IGN ran a "design your Wii 2" contest that featured a few designs similar to mine - mine was first and the first impression that looked anything like it on the internet. I'm allowed to gloat... biggrin.gif


It's called Wii U by the way. Much better than "Stream"...

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Given the Wii-U's size, it's unlikely that the R700 variant in it would be derivated from the HD4770, 4850 or 4870.

Would itmagine that it uses a souped up version of the 4600 series, maybe running anywhere between 320-480 Stream Processors like the mainstream GPUs found inside laptops today.


That should allow the console to game at 720p at relative ease, and allow games with simpler graphics to be rendered at 1080p easily I would imagine. The power of 320 Stream Processors and Shader tech implementation should allow the Wii-U to surpass the GPUs in the 360 and PS3 with relative ease.


Not convinced about the controller though, doesn't look as if it'll be comfortable.

If its heavy though, we may end up with more casual gamers with better looking, toned arms and chests? *cheeky grin*


Looking forward to the next Smash Bros game =)

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