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First High End Headphones

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Hey guys, like alot of people I've been lurking the forums for a long time so I have learned alot from you guys but still would like an opinion. I'm looking for my first high end headphones, I've been using earbuds around 50 dollars for a long time so I don't favour or hate any particular brands. Heres some info that might help.



I listen to pretty much everything, 40% dubstep/electronica, 20% rock, 20% rap 20% everything else, so I guess I'm looking for a pretty all around set of headphones. I also do some gaming here and there but thats not a priority at all.


Open Or Closed:

I'd perfer open headphones, maybe semi-open but from what I know those aren't very common.



The source is most likely going to be out of a Xonar Essence STX which I have yet to buy so if any of you would recommend a small desktop amp for about $200 I would take that into consideration instead.



I would like to keep it below $300 maybe up to about $350.



This isn't an issue for me at all because I'm always going to be using them at home.


I would also like these headphones to be pretty comfortable because I spend a pretty long time listening to music.

I also need these headphones too be pretty durable, they won't be going through any sort of abuse or anything but I'll probably use them for the next 3-4 years.


Thanks in advance to anyone who helps.



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Go here http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/529144/buying-headphones-seeking-guidance-don-t-start-a-new-thread-ask-for-advice-here

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Hmm...as far as desktop amps go, you could go for the E7/E9 combo, which retails for around $200 and can power pretty much any headphones on the market.  The E7 acts as a DAC while the E9 acts as the amp in this case.  A nice set of headphones that sounds like it might be for you is the ATH-A700, which are closed.  I don't have much knowledge on such things though, so such advice should probably be left to others. :P

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The E9 is great, I love my AKG K240 Studio headphones. You could call me a bit of a fanboy though. k701smile.gif


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