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What are your best sources for discovering new music?

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I'm kind of stealing this idea from a thread on the GoN. One of my favorite places is Progarchives.com. I have to say that this forum has given me tons of ideas. I've gotten so much new music ideas from other fellow Head-Fi'ers that I speak to. I've even gotten some ideas from the music channels from the cable company. If I like it I'll buy a CD. It feels good spending money on music and not always on equipment.

So what is your best source for discovering new music?

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Last.fm & Pandora by listening to "artist radios."  Sometimes even films and commercials.  

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Rateyourmusic's "new releases" list, beatport and Musicmeter.

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Napster and Pandora.  And Head-fi.


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Soundcloud, Pandora, various fora (including head-fi of course), and the local record stores and music scene <3 Asheville!

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I like to surf my Sirius radio for new sounds and also reading equipment reviews gives me new ideas. Anyone listen to any classic BTO recently?

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Head-fi and emusic (even though I hate their new pricing model)


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I recently signed up for Mog, but I haven't used it to discover new music, but to listen to an album I discovered somewhere else.


I get a weekly email of new releases from allmusic.com.  The blogs and genre pages on allmusic are pretty good too.


I've discovered quite a bit though Pandora, but I'm getting tired of it because it's so repetitive.


I've discovered a lot over the last year from free downloads from Amazon.com.   I've bought many CDs because of this.  One of my favorites is alphadiabetic which is only available at Amazon http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_1_13?url=search-alias%3Ddigital-music&field-keywords=alphadiabetic&sprefix=alphadiabetic


The forums here are great.  I've spent more on music discovered here than I have on gear.


I've reconnected with friends from the 80s on Facebook and a number of them post music videos of stuff I've never heard before.


Discovering new music has really never been much of a problem for me.  I've been doing it steadily since the late 70s.

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head-fi and www.dprp.net

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I found Mog's collection to be pretty extensive and worth the $4 they charge a month or $9 for iphone/android compatibility. 320kbps streaming really sealed the deal for me.

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Last.fm for me too.

YouTube has a lot of music on it as well.
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Radio Paradise (internet)

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Mog looks interesting. I just signed up for their trial.
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