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they will sound very different, the beats build in an Amplifyer that boosts the bass and cannont be bypassed unless you take it out.


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The beats have a Amp in them so they can "tweak" the sound. So that may be where they get they bass and excess crap But yes very very similar. But the Shures are lighter. and have a more plasticy feeling. unfortunately. i think monster took the design thow. 


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well an OEM does not have ot be an exact copy, the ozma series from alienware look a bit different then the HFI series.


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Originally Posted by DaBomb77766 View Post

A friend of mine told me that Best Buy actually buys the Beats from Monster for about $35 or so, and the rest of the price is just grossly inflated markup.

They're ~95.00 each I believe for bestbuy/walmart etc, mark up of 350%. Which is generally the 'norm' for most goods.

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Someone posted a comparison on overclock.net in a headphone thread. If the amplifier in the beats could be taken out the results might be more accurate.




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get bilvado or someone who knows that they are doing and have them strip the amp.

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^ agreed. If someone could strip the amp in the Beats Studio's then it would be a more accurate comparison imo.


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